Lake Elmo fire chief questioned over traffic incident

2022-06-23 20:50:03 –

According to witnesses, Elmo Lake Fire Chief Dustin Charis overtook multiple vehicles on a rural highway in February, sending oncoming vehicles into the ditch and then driving without stopping.

Minnesota soldiers reported that improper passage and speeding were the cause of the incident, but in the end they decided that the citation was not justified and ended the incident. Charis, meanwhile, said the vehicle wasn’t seen off the side of the road and there was nothing dangerous about how to get there that day.

However, witnesses chasing behind Charis said it was a clear example of reckless driving.

“It was one of the stupidest things I’ve ever witnessed there,” said Kenneth Hendrickson. “I was a little surprised to find out that it was the chief of fire.”

Hendrickson was very surprised at the collision on the highway on February 6th. At 64 north of Motley, he shot the engine and chased Hyundai Santa Fe of Charis to record the license plate. Then he turned back to check out the Subaru Outback residents of the ditch, Eric and Shannon Lee.

It took more than four months last week for Eric Lee to get a guarantee from Charis’s insurance company that he would cover more than $ 3,000 in damages to his car. He said he was still waiting for a satisfying apology from Charis.

The incident occurred on Sunday between 2:30 pm and 3:00 pm. This time is often clogged with southbound routes for people returning to Twin Cities after a weekend northward.

On a straight road with good visibility, Charis tried to overtake multiple cars at once on a two-lane highway and rushed into a collision course with an oncoming car driven by Lee, who lived in Bemiji at the time.

Chief: An unnoticed car in the ditch

In an interview on June 15, Charis said he was unaware that the car was off the road until a few days after state soldiers contacted him. Trooper reported that it was 12 days later.

Charis told the soldiers that he remembered the incident and said he remembered seeing an oncoming vehicle on his shoulder in the north lane when Charis heading south completed the pass. He said he returned to his lane when the two cars passed each other.

“When I piloted, I didn’t think it was a dangerous maneuver,” he said, adding that he was returning from the hockey tournament with his family on his SUV. “I wouldn’t have done so harm to my family.”

Charis said he couldn’t remember if he had exceeded the posted speed limit of 60 mph when he pulled to pass. He also argued that he was overtaking three cars at a time, saying he couldn’t remember one or two. Lee said it was at least two, and perhaps three, but he wasn’t sure. Witness Hendrickson said there were three cars.

The driver of the oncoming car honked

“There is no way for him to achieve that,” said Hendrickson from behind. “I was able to know that when he first took off.”

Lee also honked when he saw Santa Fe approaching. “I saw him honking him as soon as I saw him pulled out because I saw him not going to do it,” said Lee, who is also braking. Charis continued to come, Lee said, so Lee ran off the freeway and hit a snowman.

The crash was enough to fire one of his dogs from the backseat to the front. Lee said he and his wife in the passenger seat rattled, but were not injured. Some of his Subaru bumpers, fog lights and quarter panels were damaged or damaged. The estimated repair cost is $ 3,261.62.

Lee said he couldn’t get on his shoulders when the two cars passed, as Charis said, because of the highway. North 64 of Motley doesn’t have many shoulders. “By the time we passed, I was trying to control my car when it entered the ditch.”

Trooper report

State police Darcy Weinrich said in an incident report that the shoulders of the road were one to two feet.

No citation was issued. A spokesman for the state patrol said it was at the discretion of the soldiers after talking to Lee, Hendrickson and Charis.

Trooper report Shows a diagram of Charis’s vehicle driving Lee off the road. The report states that Charis’s vehicle “ran another vehicle off-road,” citing “improper passage” as a factor. The report also states that Charis had exceeded the speed limit. Leaving the scene of a collision that could result in injury or property damage is also a violation of state law.

State patrols rejected the request to speak to the soldier’s boss about the decision not to issue a quote.

Lee Seung-yuop talked to the trooper in February. “I got the impression that I needed to show up to testify …. the reason was given to me that I can’t travel so he doesn’t have to write a quote. I said, “Lee said. “The decision he made to get a quote seemed to have been given to me, not the soldier’s decision.”

Lee’s location wouldn’t have been a problem, said state police spokesman Lieutenant Gordon Shank. “The trooper does not conduct an investigation based on the location of the parties involved. As the trooper evolves in the course of the investigation, it issues citations and recommends claims based on the investigation.”

Insurance dispute

Charis said he didn’t see Lee crash last week. “For the last 18 years, the fire department has focused only on safety,” he said. “I would never have harmed them because I have my family, which is absolutely most important to me,” he added. Charis said that when Waynerich contacted him, he said he wouldn’t quote. Charis said he apologized when Lee finally spoke on the phone, but Lee disagreed.

“He’s sorry about how I felt,” Lee said, which wasn’t an apology for his actions. “All the phone conversations I had with him were that he stepped on the back pedal saying he was confident in his driving ability.”

It was a bit of comfort for Lee, who had been fighting with Charis’s insurance company for months to cover the damages to Subaru. He was told by Charis’s agent that the chief of the fire department did not want to allow the claim to proceed. The insurance company agreed to pay half of the damages earlier this month.

On June 14, Lee was told that Charis’s insurer would bear all his costs after Charis’s insurer set a time to talk to Hendrickson.

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