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Las Vegas (KLAS) – Lake Mead’s curiosity increased after the human body was discovered in a barrel on the newly exposed shore of Lake Mead a few weeks ago. Today, local businesses are using headlines to increase sales.

In a small dark store in the middle of a Las Vegas strip mall, Charlie Hanks casually helps a few women look for items related to magic, witchcraft, and other dark topics. One of them stops in front of dirty water and some small bottles (mostly vials) that look like laughter. The woman just found the water of the corpse of Lake Mead.

“Traditional corpse water is used in a variety of magical practices, but it’s not real corpse water,” said Charlie Hanks. “It’s for fun. It’s a joke. Most of us who have lived in Las Vegas for a long time have been wondering about our water quality for years. And there’s a corpse floating in the barrel. When I knew it, it was just like that, so I made this as a joke, “Hanks added.

Hanks and her husband have run her store, Brass Fem boutique, Almost a year. Hanks opened a store in the midst of a pandemic, but didn’t know what would happen. To her surprise, she said it exceeded her expectations. Hanks said she didn’t have enough need for the dark and sometimes morbid things she sells.

Lake Mead Corpse Water was a whimsical product designed to enhance your business using social media. Hanks said he had received more than 12 orders within hours of posting his ad on Facebook.

When asked what the water of the corpse of Lake Mead was, Hanks first said what it wasn’t.

“Not from Lake Mead. I hate stealing water from Lake Mead and selling it to people, but I mix a little water, mansak, glass rocks, soil, and green mica to give it a little green tint. It’s for recreational purposes only, don’t take it. “
Hanks said.

He also understands that this type of product is not suitable for everyone. “I don’t want to downplay the fact that there are corpses in the lake. Those people, their families, and their loved ones probably miss them and want to know what happened to them. Is downplaying the darker history of Vegas. “

When Hanks was asked if he had ever swam on Lake Mead, she added that she never did, and now she has no plans to dive.

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