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Lake Mead water levels expected to drop even more – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-10-18 02:26:26 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Lake Mead is at its lowest level ever. Lake Mead has fallen by more than 150 feet in the last two decades. By January, it is expected to drop further.

Concerns about the drought crisis are now of paramount importance to Vice President Kamala Harris.

Vice President Harris will visit Lake Mead on Monday to discuss climate change and investment in climate resilience. Harris will take the tour, be briefed, speak and claim the greatest investment in climate resilience. US history through the passage of Build Back Better Agenda and Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal.

Lake Mead is supplied by the Colorado River. Forty million people depend on rivers for water, but demand is now more than the rivers can supply.

Southern Nevada derives 90 percent of its water from the Colorado River.

Many expected winter to bring a lot of snow, which would eventually melt and help raise the water level of Lake Mead, but Chris Outler of the National Weather Service in Las Vegas has already said. Say it’s going to be one dry winter.

“For now, the odds are a bit piled up against us. That could potentially lead to more water limits. This year we’re starting to see some of that already happening. “Outler said.

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