Lancia returns with a 10-year recovery plan

Stellantis has been discussing the prospects for a revival of the Lancia brand for months, even suggesting that the returning Delta will be part of the deal. Although technically still active, the historic Italian company has evolved into a band of re-badged Chrysler products and now produces Epsilon (based on the Fiat 500) as its only product in Europe. doing.

However, after it was revealed in October 2021 that Delta would be an all-electric vehicle, some enthusiastic nameplate fans were dissatisfied with the issue. Over time, manufacturers have vowed that the model will be a valuable successor to performance models like the HF Integrale. However, electrification is an integral part of Lancia’s resurrection, Formally introduced a comprehensive plan for Marke..

According to Stellantis, a 10-year strategic plan is being implemented to offer new Lancia every few years. However, this means only three vehicles, as the first vehicle is not expected to arrive until 2024. This is what the manufacturer said it needs to cover the European market well.

Apparently, there may still be room for combustion-based electricity. The outline of the plan is “100 [percent] “Electric vehicles” after 2026 indicate that early models may come with an optional hybrid powertrain. Lancia’s current strategy requires brands to stop selling anything other than pure electric vehicles by 2028, significantly shortening the life of the variant. .. More realistically, the company will maintain the current combustion-dependent Ypsilon when it launches BEVs.

From Stellantis:

Lancia’s 10-year plan begins in 2024 with the new Lancia Ypsilon, which belongs to the B segment and is approximately 4 meters long, and will be launched at 100. [percent] Electric power train. In 2026, a new 4.6-meter-long flagship will arrive, allowing the brand to enter Europe’s largest segment. 2028 will be the new 4.4 meter long year
A carved, muscular car with geometric lines, the Delta attracts car enthusiasts across Europe.

These three new models cover 50 [percent] As set forth in the Dare Forward 2030 Stellantis Strategic Plan, we have a duty to establish our market position and contribute to improving Stellantis’ performance in premium and luxury clusters.

With a 10-year plan with a clear electrification strategy, the brand will launch only 100 units from 2026 [percent] Only 100 will be sold from 2028 with the electric model [percent] Electric model. Great attention is paid to the electrification process, but it’s not the only one. In addition, with a wide range of innovative materials, the Lancia the Stellantis brand has the highest percentage of recycled materials, 50 [percent] A touchable surface made of eco-friendly materials to contribute to the construction of a better world for future generations.

The company said the vehicle interior offers a “typical Italian elegance style” inspired by “the exclusive material of the iconic vehicles of the past.” Citing gamma, theme and flavia, he added that next-generation Lancia products provide a comfortable environment with simple, easy-to-use technology. This means a minimalist interior that relies entirely on a central touch screen and electronic helpers for basic tasks.

As an American, my nostalgia for Lancia is mostly second-hand and soaked into the golden age that ended when I was born. After reading the relevant forums, I found that this wasn’t what some fans expected. Some even seem to be really angry at Stellantis getting rid of Lancia’s name by building a minimalist EV. But from my point of view, the basic means of transportation are everything that brands seem to have endorsed in modern times. All of its best racers have been left behind for decades, and the rest of the car has been obscured by all the elegance of General Motors’ L platform.

That said, it’s difficult to confirm that this strategy will work in the long run unless EV ownership is normalized across Europe within a few years. Stellantis is also discussing selling these vehicles as premium luxury products with a minimalist interior that is rich in recycled materials. Not surprisingly, it can lead to poorly decorated spartan and apparently unluxury cabins. I think it all comes down to how much these cars cost and what they look like from behind the steering wheel.

Anyway, you probably won’t see it in North America. Stellantis admits that the Lancia brand is concentrating its lasers on the European market for the foreseeable future, and it’s hard to imagine the 2024 Epsilon, which is a big hit here anyway. The company also wants to emphasize online sales as much as possible, which can cause some legal issues in the United States. Lancia hopes to reopen within a few years with its network of dealers in 60 major cities in Europe, with online sales accounting for 50% of annual sales.

“Today is an important day,” said Lucana Politano, CEO of the Lancia brand. “Lancia is now ready for Europe and has taken the first step towards becoming a trusted and respected brand in the premium segment. The 10-year plan approved last September is now Gradually embodied. We are an Italian elegance brand and this is our Renaissance. Innovation and timeless design have always been our core values ​​and we have great ambitions. Looking to the future, we want to add sustainability, customer centricity and responsibility to these. “

Leadership certainly seems excited. But, as Napolitano said, this is just the first step in recovering Lancia’s Mojo.

[Image: Stellantis]

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Lancia returns with a 10-year recovery plan

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