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“We have a lot of fruits. All varieties are consistent.”

A young man got a Macintosh apple from a tree in East Bridgewater.

The excessive rain, heat and humidity spread we received this summer caused grief and complaints from most of us, but extreme conditions did not affect our beloved Autumn tradition in New England. It was.

In fact, local apple growers are delighted to see large, rich and delicious crops in orchards throughout the state as apple-hunting crowds begin to arrive.

“We have a lot of apples. As you can tell, it’s a rich yield,” says Belkin, one of the oldest continuously working farms in the United States. Laura Neville, who oversees marketing for Family Lookout Farms, said.

At Stow’s Honeypot Hill, General Manager Chelsea Martin says her father Andrew calls this year’s prize money “the largest and most uniform crop he’s seen in the last few years.” Told. The trees are full of heaps of giant round apples — their size helped by all that rain.

“We have a lot of fruit,” she said. “All varieties are consistent.”

Jen Road, the manager of Stowe’s Carver Hill Orchard, said it was a big change from last year. Last summer there was less rain and the apples were smaller.

“This is bigger and more abundant,” she said.

Good news for many customers who are eager to spend a beautiful autumn day in one of the state’s many orchards.

And orchard owners want a fascinating choice to mean that they will see the size of the crowd that went through last year. Many companies struggled to attract customers in the midst of a pandemic last fall, but the orchards actually visited a record number of people. The vast outdoor space was a great place to keep a safe and sociable distance while enjoying time with family and friends.

“It was just an opportunity to get out,” Martin said. At Honeypot Hill, I saw many first pickers from the city spending the day. She added that they would stop the staff working in the field to ask how to carry out the activity.

“There was so much interest,” she said. “”[People] I was tired of being inside. “

“Last year was the busiest season ever,” said Sir Carverhill. She said business could be slowed down this year as so many people are now vaccinated with COVID-19 and are returning to their daily lives to socialize indoors. Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

“I’m getting busy,” said the Lord.

When Labor Day weekend comes, Lookout Farm Neville said, customers really start to show up.

“People are definitely starting to think about autumn,” she said. “We are in full swing.”

Large, bountiful, tasty apples await local pickers at orchards Source link Large, bountiful, tasty apples await local pickers at orchards

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