Large crowd rallies outside Baltimore’s federal courthouse to support of abortion rights following Supreme Court decision Friday – Baltimore Sun – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland 2022-06-24 20:38:18 –

Deborah Agus was in college when the groundbreaking Roe v. Wade decision was passed. She didn’t expect the day to overturn the US Supreme Court’s decision to make abortion a constitutional right.

“That’s really scary,” Baltimore lawyer Argus said on Friday night outside the federal court in Baltimore on Lombard Street, where a large crowd gathered to uphold the right to abortion.

Several speakers from planned parent-child relationships, the Baltimore Abortion Fund, Baltimore Women United and other groups have already spoken against a court ruling Friday that has caused bans in some states. At the “Prohibit” event. More states are expected to follow.

Speakers will broaden the judgment, including how Maryland expects an influx of patients seeking abortion treatment, and how the judgment affects some communities more than others. Discussed the impact. Some shared a personal story about how the abortion took place and how the ruling adversely affected their beliefs.

Lynn McCann, co-director of the Baltimore Abortion Fund, told the crowd.

She called the ban on racism and classism, and said that the most affected were colored women, who had few means of traveling to receive treatment for abortion.

Giuliana Valencia-Banks of Baltimore Women United talked about the challenges of the Catholic decision.

“As a Catholic practitioner, I’m embarrassed. I’m stunned,” she said.

Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore has expressed support for Friday’s ruling.

“I think this is good news for the cause of life, and as a Catholic, a believer, a well-meaning person, it’s also a moment to double the effort to surround a difficult pregnant woman with love and compassion. Service, “he said in a video of his remarks.

The Friday afternoon rally in Baltimore was peaceful and law enforcement was largely away from the group. However, before the speech, city officials built a metal fence outside the courthouse, where some procedures ended the day.

Baltimore police said in a statement on Friday that the agency was ready for demonstrations in response to the ruling.

“This department conducts intensive patrols at potential demonstration sites, works with law enforcement partners, and continues to protect the rights of individuals to the First Amendment in Baltimore,” said a spokeswoman. Lindsey Eldridge said in a statement.

As a precautionary measure, Baltimore Cathedral was temporarily closed on Friday, said Christian Kenziersky, a spokesman for Baltimore Cathedral.

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Both abortion rights and anti-abortion groups temporarily gathered outside Planned Parenthood’s Baltimore office on Friday, but left by late afternoon.

At a Lombard Street rally, Dr. Natalie Spicin held her 22-month-old son in her arms, held a sign with a slash on a hanger, and waved like a passing car. Many people have called for support.

“I really don’t know what else to do,” Spicyn said of her decision to attend the rally with Baltimore’s son and husband Joe Magar. She wore a shirt and a picture of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg of the liberal Supreme Court stating, “The opposition is patriotic.”

The couple said they were able to plan their family and believe that everyone should have the right to do so. Spicyn said abortion care should be left to the woman and her healthcare provider, not the state’s decision.

When Spicyn first heard the court’s decision on Friday, she said she cried for the loss of rights. And she expressed her fear of the loss of other rights, such as access to her contraception.

Spicyn, a primary care and pediatrician, said he was concerned about the recurrence of unsafe abortions by uneducated individuals. She said she had a career without having to treat patients, look for signs of abortion, or look for treatment by untrained professionals, but she won’t do so soon. She is afraid.

“It’s completely shocking,” she said of the court’s ruling.

Large crowd rallies outside Baltimore’s federal courthouse to support of abortion rights following Supreme Court decision Friday – Baltimore Sun Source link Large crowd rallies outside Baltimore’s federal courthouse to support of abortion rights following Supreme Court decision Friday – Baltimore Sun

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