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Denver — Over the past few decades, Denver Broncos has built one of the largest fan bases outside of Mile High City in another country.

“Except for the Denver Broncos area, Mexico City has the highest concentration of Broncos fans,” said Marisol Villagomes, senior marketing manager at Denver Broncos.

According to Villa Gomez, one of the owners of Broncos, who has an international vision, laid the foundation for expanding the team’s brand to other countries.

“From the early to mid 90’s, Mr. Bowlen was a big supporter of the brand’s growth,” said Villagomes. “In 1997, Denver Broncos played a pre-season match in Mexico City against dolphins. I wasn’t very lucky with the game, but basically I started collecting some initial activations there. Was enough. “

After several Super Bowl victories, thousands of people in Mexico City have begun to consistently support Broncos.

“For the past seven to eight years, this organization has been very deliberate in its revitalization and activities in Mexico. Various strategies are being implemented,” said Villagomez. “As a whole, the NFL’s greatest growth opportunities are in the countries to the south of us.”

Villa Gomez said she remembered the challenges she faced when moving from Mexico to the United States at the age of five while working to carry out some of these strategies.

“During the four or five years I was really struggling, I found my place in sports because in sports I didn’t have to worry about whether English was right or wrong. Touchdown It’s a touchdown in English and Spanish, “says Villagomez.

Every week, Mexico City residents Antonio Menendez and Hector “Frank” Talby analyze Denver Broncos games in Spanish for thousands of Latin Broncos fans.

Menendez and Talby are leaders of Denver Broncos Latino, the official team fan club in Mexico City.

“I started this project four years ago and it started to grow a lot. I started podcasting two years ago and a lot of people started enjoying the video. They wanted more.” Talby said. “There is very little information in Spanish for Latin American fans, so we started this project with our teammates and tried to translate the news and provide the news in Spanish.”

The podcast includes interviews with Mexican Broncos players like former wide receiver Marco Martos.

“Facebook has about 10,000 fans, and Instagram and Twitter have about 4,000 fans,” says Talby.

Like Talby, many of those fans have never visited Mile High’s Empower Field. Talby is planning his first visit towards the end of the January season.

Antonio Menendez’s first visit was on September 26, when he witnessed Broncos defeat the New York Jets.

“35 years I’ve dreamed of this,” Menendez said. “I’ve been a fan since about 1986. I was a kid about 6 years old and the first time I saw the game was in the playoffs. My uncle said,” Look at that guy. It’s the best player in the NFL. That’s John Elway. “

Menendez said another trait that attracted him to the team was the Spanish name Broncos.

Menendez and Talby said Denver is more than 1,700 miles away from home, but Mexico City is also a Broncos country.

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