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Las Vegas attorney accused of sexual misconduct – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-27 16:18:28 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Las Vegas Lawyer Arrested this week He has been accused of improper sexual behavior with his employees and clients.

Douglas Clinton Crawford, 67, was arrested this week and booked at the Clark County Detention Center with five counts of open and gross lewdness.

According to the case investigators, several incumbents and former employees all made similar claims about Crawford’s actions.

According to the arrest report, all the victims told detective Crawford that they “made many unpleasant comments about their suggestive and sexual nature.” Police said Crawford would “touch them in a sexual way, wouldn’t want to touch them, wouldn’t be welcomed, and wouldn’t be consensual.”

The victim said, “To continue working for him, I was paid a much higher salary than someone doing a similar job at another law firm.” They said Crawford “showers them with gifts and money after improperly touching them or making sexual comments.” Victims believed that this was done in an “attempt to keep them quiet about what was happening,” police said.

Police also reported that Crawford showed the victim his videos and images of having a sexual relationship with another woman, the report said. On a security camera visible throughout the Legal Affairs Bureau, the victim said he saw Crawford “fucking with the client he represented.”

After interviewing the victim, the investigator decided to send an undercover investigator to Crawford’s clinic to “see Crawford’s actions when Crawford met a female client.”

Police officers consulted with Crawford’s office and, based on the information in the report, experienced sexual progress, comments, and other behaviors similar to those described by the victim.

Crawford is said to have told officers that he had a “motivation” to get her single and said she would take her out if she divorced.

“I wish you weren’t my client right now,” he said to an officer. “I will kiss your neck.”

At some point, Crawford closed the door to his office and walked to give the police a hug, the report said.He said, “I started sliding his hand. [the officer’s] Police said the police went away and refused Crawford’s attempt to take her to the car.

“Investigation of this case is underway and fees may be added at the end of the investigation,” the officer wrote in the report.

Crawford mainly practices criminal defense and family law.According to him WebsiteHe won the award for a free representative of victims of domestic violence.

“I became a lawyer to help people,” Crawford said on his website. “People who are overwhelmed, scared and confused by the complex and often unfair legal system. No one can bully you when I’m on your side. I’m not your spouse. I’m not a district attorney. It’s not an insurance company. It’s not anyone.

The report also points out that Crawford had previously had his license to practice the law. pause.. According to the report, it was suspended for five years for “a total of about $ 398,345 due to misappropriation of customer funds.”

Announced in Thursday’s press release Crawford arrestInvestigators urged anyone who could have been a victim of Crawford to call 702-828-3251 and talk to the police. Anonymous tips can be submitted through the crime stopper at 702-385-5555.

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