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Las Vegas boy adopts a puppy ‘Nemo’ who shares his “small ear” – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-09-17 18:17:38 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — A Las Vegas boy and puppy have something in common, both born with small ears.

The puppy Nemo is named after Disney’s Pixar “Finding Nemo”.

Young clownfish are a little different, as are adorable ones. Fish Nemo had lucky fins, but dog Nemo has small ears, so it’s perfect for 8-year-old Maxson Hess!

A surprise visit took place on Friday morning when Maxson went to breakfast with his family. I was surprised by the young Maxson when he saw the people lined up outside Hess’s house, especially when he found Nemo.

“I went out and saw them and then saw Nemo. What a hell I got Nemo! It was very surprising to me, very surprised,” Maxson said.

Both Maxon and Nemo were born in Microtia. This means “small ears”.

The non-profit organization 4E Healing Hearts, which connects caregiving animals to eternal homes, received over 100 Nemo applications, most of them from parents of children with microtia.

Jeanette Forrey, owner and founder of 4 E Healing Hearts, says it’s heartwarming to connect pets and new families in this unique way.

“He is a very special boy and now has puppies as special as he. Neither of them allows this to define them, instead they celebrate their uniqueness Now there are two of them that share a special uniqueness. I think the world will be a brighter place if you have a unique and special best friend like you, “Folly said.

Astonished Maxson’s mom, Jennifer Hess, says she plans to keep a dog for the three boys, and when she and her family see Nemo, their hearts turn to her. Was done!

“We fell in love with her right away and applied, but then we probably know a lot of people have applied, so don’t raise our hopes too much. We dogs I was hoping that I could have a dog if I just prepared for it and put it in space, “Hess said.

Dad, Maxson, and his two younger brothers were shocked that they were chosen as Nemo’s eternal home. Children love the movie Finding Nemo, but the Hess family will change the name of Nemos to Honey or Daisy.

They say it’s because they don’t want her name or ears to define her.

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