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Las Vegas businesses split on new mask recommendation from health district – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-07-17 00:53:07 –

Las Vegas (KLAS) — Local businesses are considering the next step, following the South Nevada Health District’s recommendation to wear masks indoors for everyone, regardless of vaccination status.

That’s a big question for Las Vegas companies right now: should they ask patrons to wear masks? Companies in town have different answers.

Actual Results Fitness in Downtown Las Vegas does not require a mask for anyone, despite the recommendations of the new SNHD.

“It’s up to the client,” said Joey Benshimon, coach of Real Results Fitness. “It’s their discretion. If they find it safer to wear a mask, it’s possible, but I’m not going to force it right now.”

However, Jim is implementing additional hygiene and social distance measures.

“I’m still using squares because I don’t know what will happen,” Bensimon said.

SNHD announced on Friday that it recommends that all people, with or without vaccination, wear masks indoors due to an increase in COVID-19 cases and a decrease in vaccination rates in Clark County. ..

In light of the new recommendations, employees of the local pawn shop Max Pawn wear masks and ask all customers to do so.

“Let’s all play with the same rules,” said Maxpawn owner Michael Mack. “The county and health district have issued this recommendation for a reason. It is based on health.”

But what if someone doesn’t wear it?

“We’re not going to rob the business,” Mack said.

Health experts understand that this creates a “gray zone,” but they want businesses to make the right decisions.

“This delta variant spreads like a wildfire in the face of vaccinated people,” said Dr. Christina Madison, associate professor of pharmacy practice at Roseman University of Health Sciences. ..

Dr. Christina Madison — Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Roseman University of Health Sciences

Real Results Fitness states that it will make changes as needed.

“When we have a mission, we obey the rules and the law accordingly,” Bensimon said.

The hospitality industry is also reviewing the latest recommendations from the South Nevada Health District. Both Venetian and Westgate currently require employees for masks, but not customers.

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