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Las Vegas City reports a surge in COVID-19 cases in city prisons – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2020-10-16 19:51:41 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — The City of Las Vegas reports a surge in cases of coronavirus in city prison units.

Las Vegas officials said the prison was quarantined following 43 presumed positive cases of coronavirus, and the unit’s population at the time of testing included 91 prisoners.

According to the city, all arrested prisoners will be tested for COVID-19 and will be held in the quarantine area until the test results are available.

These arrested persons with symptoms of coronavirus will be administratively quarantined until further medical evaluation is made.

However, prisoners who were initially negative in city prisons were released to the general public and later returned a positive coronavirus test when they were transferred to Clark County Detention Center.

Coronavirus: Confirmed Cases in Clark County, What’s Happening Around the State

CCDC staff notified the city prison of a positive test.

Also, as a precautionary measure, the unit in which the inmate was held was placed in quarantine. During this quarantine period, another prisoner began to experience symptoms of COVID-19.

With great care, the remaining prisoner population of the unit was tested for the coronavirus.

These test results showed that 43 out of 91 were positive and were evaluated by medical staff. Their symptoms have also been monitored and no prisoners are currently in need of hospitalization.

City officials believe that prisoners who tested positive were carrying the virus when they were booked at the facility, but were probably negative because the disease hadn’t had time to fully progress. Says.

To prevent this from happening in the future, the city imposes a longer quarantine period. In addition, the city aims to increase the test parameters for the entire prison facility.

According to the city, prior to this recent surge, the positive test for COVID-19 in prisons was very low, about 12 cases.

The total population of prisons averages about 500 prisoners each day.

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