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Las Vegas fugitive accused of scheme during pandemic – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-08 22:23:01 –

Scheme includes personal protective equipment

Las Vegas (KLAS) — US Marshal Services is looking for a man accused of planning to include personal protective equipment during a pandemic.

Wallace Shimabukuro, 45, has been accused of violating probation after serving a prison in a previous bank fraud case.

Wallace Shimabukuro has been accused of planning to include PPE during a pandemic. (Credit: US Marshals Service)

According to the US Marshals Service, there is currently a warrant from the Hawaii area issued last November.

“It was a business he did to deceive people, mostly to take advantage of fear,” said Marshal Deputy. He asked 8NewsNow I-Team to protect his identity due to the nature of his work.

According to the United States Marshals Service, Shimabukuro’s criminal history includes exacerbation of assault, assault, bank fraud, possession for the distribution of methamphetamine, and possession for the distribution of marijuana.

Deputy US Marshals Service told Team I that after being released from prison, Shimabukuro began trading with another serious offender selling PPE, and some of the products disappeared. He also started a business similar to his wife in Las Vegas. According to Deputy Marshal, he is believed to be using stimulants.

Shimabukuro’s last known address is in the Spring Valley area. He evacuated the peasant farmer in February and filed a proceeding against a real estate company in March.

Deputy US Marshals Service said Shimabukuro and his wife recently sold a new Honda car and now have two new BMW models. He also said his wife did not cooperate in an interview late last year.

According to the US Marshals Service, Shimabukuro is located in the southwestern valley, probably near 215 and Sunset.

If you have information about his whereabouts, please call 775-277-6800.

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