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Las Vegas man charged with beating alleged child predator to near-death – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-05-11 21:08:26 –

The suspect said, “He was trying to teach him a lesson.”

Las Vegas (KLAS) —A Las Vegas man was reportedly accused of staring at his children, taking them home, and then trying to kill another man with a metal pipe.

Records show that Daniel Jones, 53, was guilty of attempted murder and assault and caused serious physical harm.

Police officers said they were called to areas near Stewart and Eastern Streets on Sunday morning for reports of a man beating another man with a metal pipe.

Officers said they placed the victim “seriously” on the ground, adding that doctors said he could not survive. The victim was found on Mexican ID and his identity was not confirmed at the time of the officer’s report.

Surveillance videos showed Jones chasing victims across the street with a few young men, officials said.

Witnesses reported to police that the beaten man was seen “staring” at the young children, “trying to talk to them” and “trying to get them home.” Witnesses also told police that the victim was ordered not to enter a nearby business “because of sexual harassment of a female employee.”

“He was trying to teach him a lesson,” Jones said in an interview with the police. Jones told police in a surveillance video that he was him.

Police said they expected the charges to be raised if the victims died.

Judge Susan Baucam set bail at $ 50,000 on Wednesday.

Jones’ reserved photos have not been published.

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