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Las Vegas reminds people not to feed animals at city parks – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-02-22 22:19:55 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) — Don’t feed the ducks! Do not feed other wild animals for that matter. Although seemingly harmless, feeding birds creates a cycle of problems in our park.

Las Vegas is tightening the rules of city parks and may impose fines on you. The city council passed an ordinance in November, making it illegal to feed animals in Las Vegas parks. Three months later, the city says it may have to start enforcing it.

“Honestly, there have been a lot of complaints from communities trying to use the two parks, especially Lorenzi and Floyd Lamb, and these parks are overcrowded with waterfowl,” Greg specifically mentioned ducks and geese. Weisel says.

Weisel is Director of Parks and Recreation in Las Vegas. He says there are two major problems with feeding waterfowl. First, the flock grows too large and never leaves.

“I think we’re doing good things, but what happens is that when they feed them, they don’t move. When they don’t, it’s a matter of overpopulation. And in some parks where there are too many geese and ducks, you can imagine the turmoil they left behind, “said Weisel.

That brings us a second problem. Too many birds can produce large amounts of duck and goose droppings, which can adversely affect nearby waters.

“The pond becomes very green, muddy and uninhabitable for fish. We cannot live there due to the large amount of feces and waste that accumulates in the waterways. Too much to dispose of. I will. ” Waizeru.

All that stool is bad for those who happen to set foot on it.

“If you have a lot of ducks, geese and dung around the park and kids, you can imagine that the two don’t mix well. There are a lot of illnesses in waste and kids can get it. You can. Anyone can get it. In fact, you walk on it, then go home, put it on your shoes and walk through the house. Now you are a salmonella or a goose. Has many other illnesses that can be carried into the stool, “said Weisel.

He says the city isn’t trying to ruin a relaxing day in the park, it’s just trying to keep it clean and healthy for both humans and animals.

“I want people to understand that wildlife is okay. They are herbivores. They eat grass. They fly and find other places to get food. We You don’t have to feed them, but you can enjoy them. Enjoy watching them. But we don’t want you to interact and we don’t want to feed wildlife. We are out, “said Weisel.

Feeding wildlife in city parks is fined $ 10. City officials say they haven’t fined anyone yet and don’t want to. But if the problem doesn’t go away, they have no choice.

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