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Las Vegas veteran reunites with military dog – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-09 10:08:58 –

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — Dogs are often referred to as men’s best friends. The statement proves to be true in the case of Army veterans Michael Steponovich and his puppy Popeye.

“It’s very strange to see military dogs every time you go to a new place of work, because they almost always reflect your personality.

Steponovich had been working in South Korea for a year and a half, but had teamed up with Popeye. Popeye is a unique explosives detection dog.

“He’s incredibly playful. He’s very energetic,” said Steponovich. “We did a lot of patrols at the base. We searched for a lot of vehicles, performed different missions together, and spent hours, perhaps around 1000 people.”

Eventually, Steponovich completed the order and he returned to the state. Popeye remained behind and struggled to adapt to a life without a partner.

“When I was here in Las Vegas, they told me he had separation anxiety. He was biting his tail,” Steponovich said.

Until he received a call that Popeye had retired early and was ready for adoption. American humanitarian societies also intervened to support costs.

“It’s very difficult for a military working dog handler to get a dog, especially if the dog is abroad. It’s out of our pocket,” said Steponovich. “They literally covered his plane, covered his medicine and food, and gave me whatever gear I wanted. I’m forever grateful for what they did. . “

The moment I met again, it was as if time hadn’t passed.

“I’m very happy that my son is back,” said Steponovich.

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