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Tampa, Florida 2021-09-22 10:35:21 –

The Tampa police station launched two separate laser incidents last weekend that affected both law enforcement helicopter pilots and commercial aviation pilots.

In both cases he was arrested.

At 10:08 pm on 9-17-2021, a Tampa police helicopter pilot was flying over the I-4 / I-275 interchange when it was targeted by a green laser. They quickly changed their flight path to protect their eyesight. The laser came from the downtown area.

Officers pointed the camera at a location they believed the laser was firing and were again targeted by the green laser within seconds. The pilot notified the Tampa Air Traffic Control Tower, Tampa PD Dispatch, and ground police. It was difficult to maintain normal flight attitude because the subject with the laser aimed at the helicopter several times, each time for a second.

The suspect was sitting next to another subject at Curtis Hixson Park (Dr. 600 Ashley). The pilot was able to clearly see the suspect identified as Gerald Perez DO.B-March 29, 2000, was the only person to target them with a laser.

Perez continued to point the laser at the helicopter while the ground unit was working to locate him. Perez was found and detained. # 21-397396

From 9:18 pm to around 2021, the Tampa Air Traffic Control Tower advised all aircraft in the area to note that someone was pointing the laser. Air traffic control advised Cessna, who flew over the airport, that she had just been targeted by a green laser. Air traffic control led LEO helicopter pilots to the area, and within minutes they were targeted by a green laser from a residential area.

The officer captured the incident with a camera and started recording. They were able to magnify the camera and pinpoint exactly which house the laser came from. Officers saw subjects sitting in front of the house, sometimes standing and sometimes in chairs, just outside the garage. Subject later identified as Dhaneshwar Sahadeo DOB-On May 21, 1988, the laser was pointed at the helicopter several times.

Officers sent a patrol corps of Hillsborough’s sheriff’s office home in 6807. Congressman Burxent contacted Sahadeo and detained him. # 21-398880

Both cases are under investigation.

Laser Pointing Arrests | City of Tampa Source link Laser Pointing Arrests | City of Tampa

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