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Last bill passed by Legislature was feel-good measure that benefits Boy Scouts | Legislature – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2022-06-26 06:45:00 –

The legislature is known to sneak out unpopular measures during the last few minutes of parliament, which has the lowest public oversight.

Last invoice Approved by the Senate On June 6, this year, Shell Oil will receive a $ 3 million tax cut that has not been publicly discussed. (The governor rejected the bill, Shell then said The lobbyist who pushed it through was not allowed to do so. )

In contrast, the last bill passed by the House of Representatives was a pleasing move, said Randy Haney, a veteran lobbyist who helped ensure its passage.

This allows groups such as Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to market their profits to their children during class hours and hold meetings on school grounds after school days.

This issue was personal to Haney, as he was an Eagle Scout as a Lafayette boy.

It was also personal to Bill’s sponsor, R-Mandeville, Congressman Richard Nelson. House building 618..

“When I was in the third grade of Lake Pontchartrain, a boy scout came into my classroom,” Nelson said. He joined the group and over time completed all the tasks to become the highest ranked Boy Scout, the Eagle Scout. This was achieved by a small percentage of the members.

“It had a big impact on me,” Nelson said. “It broadened my understanding of the world by putting me in a leadership role early on and learning to be self-sufficient in the woods.”

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It included an outing where he “hiked in the wilderness for two weeks with a 14-year-old kid, a bear and a bobcat.” It infuses the idea of ​​service to others. “

Nelson graduated from LSU Law School, spent seven years at the Department of State, and then returned to Japan to win a house seat in 2019.

The Boy Scout Federation has significantly reduced membership in recent years after decades of sexual abuse charges against Covid-19, 60,000 victims, with a $ 850 million reconciliation and bringing girls into the group. I came to a decision.

Haney needed to help pass Nelson’s HB618. That’s because they were involved in a pit-for-tat battle between Democrats and Republicans on the final day when members of each party voted together to prevent the bill on the other side from being heard.

Political disputes have prevented Senate Democrats from considering Nelson’s bill.

He told Senator Katrina Jackson, D-Monroe, that he had voted to hear the Democratic bill in the House of Representatives. The Democratic Senator then opposed his bill, unanimously approving the HB618, and Baton Rouge Republican Senator Franklin Foil and another Eagle Scout processed the bill. The house followed after a few minutes.

“We ensured that Scouting has access to Louisiana youth and brings all the great things that Scouting has to offer,” said Denis Pennington, President of the Boy Scouts of America’s Evangeline Regional Council. Told.

Last bill passed by Legislature was feel-good measure that benefits Boy Scouts | Legislature Source link Last bill passed by Legislature was feel-good measure that benefits Boy Scouts | Legislature

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