Latest Coronavirus: California Imposing Curfew on Hotspot County

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encourages Americans not to travel. Upcoming Thanksgiving holidays, Authorities warn that they are “warning” about the recent increase in coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths. The public health agency has released new guidance recommending a ban on all travel during the holidays next week.

New York City is probably Stop indoor dining in restaurants and bars We will close the gym within “1 or 2 weeks”. A warning from Mayor Bill de Blasio has less than a day since he ordered a public school in New York City to shut down and move to online learning after a seven-day average of positive coronavirus tests reached 3%. It arrived at my house.

French government Delay Black Friday Shopping Promotions It is subject to Amazon doing the same until the country’s high street shops reopen from the blockade at the end of the month and the major online service retailers agree. A joint statement by the Treasury and the Retail Federation said, “This delay aims to ensure the resumption of operations in France under the conditions of maximum health.”

Sales of previously owned homes in the United States surged to their highest levels in nearly 15 years last month due to low mortgage rates and continued telecommuting. Boost housing demand.. According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales rose 4.3% month-on-month to an annual pace of 6.85 million in October, the highest level since November 2005.

Irish health authorities Mink selection At three fur farms in the country to prevent the potential spread of variants of Covid-19. The Irish agricultural sector said it was involved with mink farmers “to consider the next steps” after receiving a letter from the country’s chief health officer.

Most foreign investors have canceled, reduced or suspended Investing in the UKA study by consulting firm EY shows that the economy is struggling to recover, losing growth potential. According to the survey, more than one in three investors cut their investment in the UK in 2020, another 17% suspended and 5% canceled altogether.

Advanced Brexit negotiations suspended After it was discovered that a member of the EU negotiation team had Covid-19. EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier said a team of officials continued to work on the text of the trade agreement, but he and his UK counterpart David Frost “shortly interrupted negotiations at our level. I decided to do it. “

The number of surveillance cameras in the UK has increased by 8% from last year, or 1 in 13 people. Security-conscious British trapped in a house We are using a low price to install a domestic system. From 4.8 million units in 2019, the UK may have 5.2 million CCTV cameras next to China, the United States and Germany.

Another 742,000 Americans First unemployment allowance The number of complaints increased for the first time in five weeks while the United States was working on a record increase in coronavirus cases and new restrictions last week. According to the US Department of Labor, the 31,000 increase in weekly unemployment claims was in line with the 23,863 increase in federal pandemic unemployment assistance claims.

Countries that acted swiftly According to OECD analysis, containment of the coronavirus and adequate outbreak compliance were excellent in limiting the spread of the infection and mitigating its economic impact. South Korea, Finland, Norway and Estonia performed best, the Paris-based organization of industrialized nations concluded.

Latest Coronavirus: California Imposing Curfew on Hotspot County

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