Latest Coronavirus: Louisiana Sets Maskman Date for Exponential Growth of Cases

In San Francisco and the other six counties in the Bay Area Revived Universal Mask Man Date For indoor public places. This requirement comes into effect on Tuesday and you must wear a face cover when indoors in public, regardless of vaccination status.

At least the United States One dose of Covid-19 vaccine in 70% of American adults, Reached the milestone almost a month later than planned. According to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, daily vaccinations have increased to about 550,000 times a day in the past week, from a peak of 3.4 meters or more in mid-April after the fierce start of deployment in the United States. became. ..

Target and Home Depot have become the latest major retailers in the United States. Update in-store mask rules with continued adoption of Delta variants.. The Home Depot announced on Monday that all workers, regardless of vaccination status, must wear masks indoors in stores, distribution centers, customers’ homes and businesses. DIY retailers have said they “request” customers to wear face covers while in more than 2,200 stores in the United States, but do not say this is a requirement.

Boris Johnson has Killed the idea of ​​creating an “amber watch list” For foreign vacation destinations, after warning that hundreds of thousands of tourists from the UK may have been forced to cancel their European breaks. The British Prime Minister said he wanted to create a system that was “as simple and user-friendly as possible for people” as the government prepared to update the traffic light ratings for this week’s trip.

Become a few people After a technology change, the NHS Covid-19 app asked me to self-separateThe UK Department of Health announced on Monday following weeks of turmoil and staff shortages nationwide caused by the “ping demic.” Previously, if an asymptomatic individual reported a positive coronavirus test, the app would contact someone who was in close contact with the individual during the five days before the test result was reported.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo repeated His call to private companies in the state to refuse service to unvaccinated people As authorities have announced to Covid-19 that transport workers will need to take shots or submit them for regular testing. New York City also “strongly recommends” wearing a mask indoors, regardless of vaccination status.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Hamenei ordered authorities to investigate Ministry of Health plea to impose a national blockade For the first time since the pandemic began following a new surge in deaths caused by highly contagious delta mutants.

US manufacturing growth settled in July for the second straight month. Pressured by raw material shortages and worker absenteeism.. Supply Chain Management’s index tracking plant activity fell from 60.6 in June to 59.5 last month. Economists predicted a slight rise to 60.9.

Bank of England should Reduce quantitative easing programs before interest rate tightening Proposed by a think tank after Britain has completely emerged from the Covid-19 crisis. The Resolution Foundation said it was not the right time for the central bank to raise interest rates given the slowdown in economic recovery due to the slump in the UK labor market and the expansion of delta varieties. Rising inflation will prove a “temporary” phenomenon, it said in a Monday report.

United Arab Emirates Approved use of Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine for children aged 3 to 17 years.. The Ministry of Health said it has approved the emergency use of the vaccine that has supported the success of the UAE inoculation drive as a result of rigorous clinical research.

Latest Coronavirus: Louisiana Sets Maskman Date for Exponential Growth of Cases

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