Latest Coronavirus: New York Mets Baseball Team Hosts “Mega Vaccination” Site at Home Ground

President Esther George of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City said on Tuesday that significant delays or turmoil in vaccine distribution are one of the most “substantial” risks to the economic outlook.Ms. George expressed optimism about the continued recovery, saying, “A considerable amount. Snapback scopeIf the United States has passed the pandemic. “

Ireland tightens its second pandemic travel rules in 6 days for visitors from all countries Negative Covid-19 test Within 72 hours before arrival. Tuesday’s move by the Mihol Martin administration broadens the scope of last week’s decision to impose similar restrictions on people arriving from the United Kingdom and South Africa.

US crude oil production will continue to decline in 2021. Worst oil price collapse New federal governments predict that decades after the Covid-19 crisis have continued to punish the country’s once rampant shale patch. The US Energy Information Administration said oil supply this year will drop to 11.1 m barrels per day after an average of 11.3 mb / d in 2020.

Brazilian health officials say China’s coronavirus vaccine has an efficacy rate of only 50%, significantly lower than initially indicated. Scientists at major biomedical research institutes released new numbers on Tuesday. Lack of transparency With previous results from the CoronaVac jab test in the country.

Masked shoppers browse through Vons supermarket in San Diego

U.S. supermarket chain Albertsons boosted its full-year outlook, with better-than-expected third-quarter results Eat at home and shop online In the resurrection of the coronavirus. The company, which also owns Safeway and Vons, said sales for the quarter to December 5, slightly higher than analysts expected, increased 9% from a year ago to $ 15.4 billion.

India procured 16.5m vaccine dose Officials said Tuesday, a few days before the start of the national vaccination campaign. Health ministry officials said that 11 million doses of Covishield, an AstraZeneca vaccine manufactured by the Indian Serum Research Institute, were purchased for 200 rupees ($ 2.70) each and shots of covacin developed by Barrat Biotech. He said 5.5 million doses were purchased for 206 rupees.

Valneva is in prior consultation with the EU on supply Maximum dose of 60m A French biotechnology company for the Covid-19 vaccine is in preliminary talks with the Commission on Tuesday as it seeks to thwart criticism of delays in launching and preparing vaccination programs, and the deal is soon signed. He said it shows that.

Zoom, a video telecommunications company that thrived during the pandemic, will raise $ 1.5 billion in equity issuance. The company, which has used the product for everything from business meetings to online quizzes for the past year, said it could expand its funding by $ 225 million on Monday.Zoom share 356 percent up The past year.

Latest Coronavirus: New York Mets Baseball Team Hosts “Mega Vaccination” Site at Home Ground

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