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Bakersfield, California 2021-10-04 21:30:00 –

Fourteen members of the National Guard began working in Bakersfield on Monday as part of an effort to address the shortage of hospital staff during a pandemic. Currently, the number of local medical centers receiving such support has increased to three, bringing the total number of local medical centers deployed in the city to 38.

A group of doctors trained throughout the weekend at Adventist Health Bakersfield after arriving in town on Friday. The local president of the adventurer said members of the National Guard began treating people with medical problems such as COVID-19, broken arms, heart attacks and strokes on Monday.

“They make a difference to our patients,” said President Daniel Walcott. He emphasized that Chester Avenue hospitals could have provided care without influx, but newcomers would help adventists work within their official abilities, “they come. I was happy and excited about that, “he added.

After the National Guard was deployed to local hospitals in January and February, there was an up-to-date arrival as the county medical center struggled to keep up with local medical demand.

The Kern County Public Health Service said it had requested the National Guard after receiving a request from a local hospital experiencing an “uncontrollable increase in patients.” A spokeswoman for one department said the agency could not find what was considered a sufficient number of staff locally and throughout the region. She added that the deployment would be paid by the state.

According to Walcott, Roseville-based adventurers did not request members of the National Guard. But when the county offered, he said his hospital thought additional personnel would help his staff cope with the increased number of patients in the hospital’s emergency department.

Following the surge in COVID-19 last winter, Khan’s first National Guard-backed hospital was Mercy Southwest on September 13. Currently, 14 National Guards are deployed to support emergency rooms and other departments throughout the hospital. Health said in an email on Monday.

Such deployments are usually extended by only two weeks. A county public health spokeswoman, Michelle Corson, said in an email that the period could be extended if necessary.

The Bakersfield Memorial Hospital, also owned by Dignity, convened a team of National Guard members on September 20th. Ten members of the deployment remained in the hospital on Monday.

“We are very grateful for the support of these dedicated caregivers and our own staff who have been committed to the health and safety of our community throughout the pandemic,” said Dignity. I am writing.

The San Francisco-based medical system points out that the pandemic is exacerbating the state-wide staff shortage and precedes California’s requirement to require healthcare workers to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 by the end of last month. Did. Due to the surge in COVID-19 patients, the National Guard requested assistance at Bakersfield and Reading hospitals. The company did not disclose how long National Guard members are expected to continue working in Bakersfield.

The medical capabilities of the National Guard teams currently deployed in Bakersfield vary, Corson’s email said. The team consists of nurses, emergency medical personnel, and emergency medical technicians.

Last winter, she added, the deployment supported a mobile COVID-19 test and helped a local hospital. The total of previous deployments was not available, but the Adventist confirmed that he was hosting 20 National Guards at a Chester hospital.

Walcott said he did not expect members of the National Guard to be stationed at Adventist hospitals in Delano or Tehachapi.

He had the opportunity to speak to reporters, thanking the county and the National Guard and reminding people that the pandemic was “not over.”

“We want to encourage our community to continue vaccination, and be careful especially in indoor gatherings,” he said.

Latest National Guard dispatch boosts deployment at Kern hospitals to 38 | News Source link Latest National Guard dispatch boosts deployment at Kern hospitals to 38 | News

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