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Aly Juarez custom cookies stand out more than other cookies

Aly Juarez is a Latina bakery that owns its own custom sugar cookie business in the Portland Metro area. Juarez likes to combine his love for bread making with social justice. (Credit: ALY JUAREZ)

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — A Latina bakery in Hillsboro combines baking with social justice.

22-year-old Aly Juarez is a student at Portland State University and Que Dulce Décor.. Juarez manufactures custom sugar cookies, dessert tables and do-it-yourself cookie kits.

Her designs feature famous Latin characters such as Frida Kahlo and the late Mexican-American Serena Quintanilla.

22-year-old Aly Juarez owns his own custom sugar cookie business while attending Portland State University. (Credit: LUPE JUAREZ)

“I feel like the cookie industry is dominated by white women. I don’t see many Latina cookie bakeries, so I thought that was the problem,” says Juarez. “So I thought about taking up space.”

Juarez also calls himself a “Gen Z” bakery because he states that his generation is considered “candid.”

The entrepreneur first started his business two years ago, but she said she had doubts about her abilities. Juarez is currently booked for a custom order a few months ago.

“I feel good because I never thought I would get a client,” she said. “Whenever I start something new, I’m always afraid. I don’t know what will happen, but I think being positive and optimistic really helps.”

When asked about advice for other Latina bakers who want to enter the bakery industry, Juarez said: We are all different, and I feel that you put yourself a little in your work and that will make you stand out. “

Aly Juarez’s custom sugar cookie design features prominent Latinos such as the late Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla. (Credit: ALY JUAREZ)

Juarez is not currently accepting orders for custom sugar cookies and will focus on school for the time being. However, she will sell do-it-yourself cookie kits until later notice.

Residents of Hillsboro want people to enjoy her work in either way.

“My work is so beautiful that I’m surprised when people tell me I don’t want to eat it,” Juarez said with a smile. “I never thought anyone wanted my job, so I heard for the first time that I wanted to cry.”

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