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Launchmetrics heads to the runway with NYFW’s Negris Le Brum

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September 12, 2021

Technology and fashion came together to make an intriguing proposal.Data analysis platform Launchmetrics That New York Fashion Week Debuted with a presentation of its first runway exterior. This design was created in collaboration with the American brand Negris LeBrum and its designer and founder Travis. HamiltonI’ve been using platform tools since 2018, hoping to pay tribute to Launchmetrics.


The project’s vision dates back to the beginning of the preparation for the Spring / Summer 2022 Negris LeBrum collection, The Love Story. Based on this creative process, Hamilton told Launchmetrics about his idea of ​​not creating a runway look. It is produced for sale with the company’s logo based on gray on a work that combines materials such as jacquard, nylon, and elastane. Among the New York brands CFDAThis initiative reflects the label’s desire to “thank data analytics specialists for their lasting and important role.” [their] A brand with global recognition. “

“The fashion industry may be cruel to a small brand like Negris LeBrum, but its technology and services are groundbreaking. For the past four years, Launchmetrics has only needed the right content to get its attention. Inspired by the forbidden love story of “Young Beautiful French Creole Women and Handsome Men” and “The Tools That Introduce It and the Appropriate Networks That Connect to Support My Business Growth” The founder of the brand explained. Released in the 1940s. “I would like to thank Launchmetrics for their support,” Hamilton added. “And as a designer, I naturally choose to express myself through my work.”

For Launchmetrics, the company’s chief customer officer, Tatiana Ferreira, has always said that it is the company’s mission to “listen to the industry, support its way of working and continually innovate to move forward.” I emphasized. Regarding the importance of creating synergies between different industry players, executives commented: In fact, according to Ferreira, the ultimate goal of the company has always been to be an integral part of the client’s “journey and growth”, although we have always strived to build it.

Launchmetrics, led by Michael Jais, is a data analytics and technology company that develops tools for managing influencer campaigns, building marketing strategies, hosting events, and monitoring public relations. The company operates in eight markets, acquiring Italy’s image bank IMAXtree at the end of 2019 and China’s influencer platform Parklu in November last year.

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Launchmetrics heads to the runway with NYFW’s Negris Le Brum

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