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Anderson County (WSPA) – Anderson County law enforcement agencies require you to join their team.

Anderson police said there is currently a shortage of police officers.

“Yes, it’s not enough at this point,” said Anderson Police Chief Jim Stewart.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said the department is working to ensure that their position remains fully fulfilled.

“Here at Anderson County Sheriff’s Office, there is definitely no shortage like some of these other agencies are facing. There are numerous agencies in South Carolina, and in certain departments. There is a shortage of nearly 100 police officers, “said Sheriff Chad McBride of the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “But for us, we want to have as complete a staff as possible,” he said.

Anderson Police Station has 14 positions available for patrol.

APD is trying to adopt:

Based on experience

・ Recruit (uncertified police officer) – $37,598.35

· Certified Police Officer) – $ 39,478.26

· Senior Officer – $ 42,439.13 ————————— More than 2 years of experience

“We are trying to improve our ability to attract those policemen with new body cameras and new tasers. We have launched our own drone team with five drones. Shield Team Launched. For safety, we have a riot team based on what happened last year. We need to be certified by the end of the year, “said Stewart. “The new taser is here and the difference in technology is the regular taser. I had one shot in the past,” said Chief Stewart. “The new Taser is a double shot, so even if you miss it for the first time, it will double its capacity …”

Sheriff McBride said their greatest need was detention center staff.

“Our current biggest need is a detention agent, and we were short of about 10 people. We recently hired four more, so we have six more positions,” said Sheriff McBride. Mr. says. “Currently, starting salaries in detention centers start at $ 43,800, which is a competitive salary and has great benefits,” he said. “Just five years ago, prison officers probably started at about $ 27,000 a year, but now they’re $ 43,800, so we’ve made great strides in wages,” said Sheriff McBride.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office also aims to hold four dispatcher positions.

“That’s why we’re always looking for talent. Of course, we strive to make law enforcement as highly competitive as possible,” said Sheriff McBride.

“We’re trying to have full staff, like all other law enforcement agencies. Fully staffed agencies are far more vulnerable than having openings. We’re working hard because it’s going to get better, “said Stewart.

The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said it has one additional patrol job, but it will not be available until October.

Chief Jim Stewart said he would need to get a body camera next year after the grant was approved.

“The new body camera is equipped with new technology and new software. It’s much slimmer and easier for police officers to wear. And we’re in the process of evolving e-tickets. Ticket handwriting No more. Everything we do is using a computer, “said Stewart.

The Sheriff’s Office will soon begin using the Force Training Simulator.

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Law enforcement agencies hiring in Anderson County with competitive salaries Source link Law enforcement agencies hiring in Anderson County with competitive salaries

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