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Bakersfield, California 2021-07-28 00:30:00 –

In honor of Deputy Secretary Philip Campus, who succumbed to a gunshot wound on Sunday, law enforcement vehicles rolled toward northeastern Greenlawn, stopping the roar of cars running around Mount Vernon Avenue on Tuesday. rice field.

Authorities have blocked all intersections along Mount Vernon Avenue from the Kern County Coroners Office to give way to the procession. Police officers and firefighters stood with solemn faces at regular intervals along the road, waiting for respect.

A group of civilians and community members were scattered along the road and panoramic drive west of Mount Vernon.

Onlooker Jesse Subia wept while waiting for the cavalry to begin.

“[Law enforcement]is doing a really hard job,” Subia said. “I feel his family and his children. He was very young.”

Approximately 15 Bakersfield police and California Highway Patrol personnel all led the procession on motorcycles. Upon leaving Kahn Medical, the bicycle lights flashed red, white and blue, illuminating the road to Campus.

A white car carrying the fallen lieutenant’s family chased behind a motorcycle cavalry.

The overflow of first responders came to honor the compass. More than 50 cars followed Haas, all representing law enforcement agencies and first responders such as KCSO, BPD, Kern County Fire Department, Bakersfield Fire Department, Kern County Prosecutor’s Office, California Highway Patrol, and Hall Ambulances.

Withstanding the scorching heat, many residents waved to the driver in the car. Some salute. Some were standing with their hands on their chests and their hats off.

Veronica Ortiz began to pay tribute to her deceased adjutant and other victims.

“We should honor all the cops,” Ortiz said. “I would like to express my condolences to his family and others who died in Wasco.”

More supporters have joined in front of Bakersfield College’s football stadium. Several community members also brought in a procession to wave the American flag.

At the traffic lights near the intersection of Panorama and Mount Vernon, the winding road overlooking the black oil drill was flooded with cars. In honor of Campus, the curves of the red and blue lights flickered.

In front of Greenlawn Northeast, two white ladders, each from a KCFD vehicle, crossed the sky with a large undulating American flag. Some firefighters stood outside the car wearing black and neon yellow striped gear. Members of KCFD also stood on their trucks.

Subia wants the procession to gain support and respect for law enforcement agencies.

Nimonuno also came to honor the fallen lieutenant.

“They are … here to protect us,” Nuno said. “The only thing we can do is give the best salute to a fallen cop. It’s a bit cool to say” Thank you for the service. ” “

Law enforcement agencies hold procession to honor Deputy Phillip Campas | News Source link Law enforcement agencies hold procession to honor Deputy Phillip Campas | News

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