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Bakersfield, California 2021-11-25 12:00:00 –

National and local law enforcement officials shared some tips this week to help protect consumers during the holiday season.

The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that increased criminal activity is expected during the holiday season. Tensioned police resources pose a significant risk to consumers.

According to NICB, the number of vehicle thefts was the highest in more than 10 years last year, and 2021 is about to remain the same. Shoppers should be vigilant during the holidays. Criminals search for unlocked cars and the cars themselves to steal their belongings.

California Highway Patrol:

• Park in a bright place at night

• Do not leave the key in the ignition or drive the vehicle unattended.

• Do not leave valuable items such as wallets, backpacks, shopping bags, etc. from the front.

Tips for shoppers and business owners to observe systematic theft:

• Do not try to intervene

• Pay attention to what the parties look like

• Attempts to get license plate and vehicle description

Bakersfield Police Station:

• When you leave your home, lock the doors, windows and closing garage for even a few minutes.

• Do not openly display Christmas trees or gifts in the front window

• Thieves look for outdoor lights burning 24 hours a day, stacked newspapers, mail, or advertising leaflets hanging on doorknobs to see if you’re at home. Do not stack these items.

• Do not leave the garage opener in the car

• Turn on the lights and play the radio or TV at a low volume to indicate that your home is occupied when you leave in the evening.

• Give the spare key to a trusted neighbor — do not hide the spare key under a rock, in a flowerpot, or on a door shelf.

Shopping safety

• Pay attention to your surroundings. Focus on your phone and don’t go unnoticed around you.

• Do not leave your wallet or leave it in your basket while shopping.

• Before loading your purchase into the car, first put your wallet or bag in the car

• Shop before it gets dark and try shopping with your friends.

• Have your key ready and handy before you go to the car.

The Attorney General of California has issued the following recommendations for cybersecurity:

• Do not use simple passwords or reuse passwords between sites

• Please use a credit card when shopping

• Make sure you have a secure internet connection when shopping online

• Do not open links from one-sided text messages

• If the price or transaction seems too good to be true, be suspicious. Usually it is.

Law enforcement authorities issue shopping tips for the holiday season | News Source link Law enforcement authorities issue shopping tips for the holiday season | News

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