Law enforcement officials warn of missed jury duty scam call – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2022-05-27 20:48:29 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Nueces, San PatricioWhen Jim Wells The county warns residents about a new scam that started last week.

“There are scammers who call people and say,’I missed the jury’s duty, I’m borrowing money from us,'” said JC Hooper, Sheriff of Nueces County.

According to Hooper, residents have been called by someone impersonating a sheriff to pay a fine because they missed the jury’s duty.

Fraudsters are directing people to Bitcoin ATMs to deposit money and send receipts.

“We never call you over the phone or demand any fines, especially those deposited at Bitcoin ATMs,” Hooper said. “It won’t happen.”

Corpus Christi’s business with Bitcoin ATMs learned about this scam and Put a sign The ATM says: Our court “does not accept Bitcoin”.

Kathryn Bainbridge lives in Port Alansus and was called by a fraudster at work.

She said she could choose to spend time in jail or pay a fine, so she agreed to pay the fine without thinking.

According to Bainbridge, the scammers claimed to be on the phone all the time and urged them to call back if the connection was lost.

She said she was impatient with how long it took the caller to reach Corpus Christi from Port Alansus, but sent her to the company with a warning of signs of fraud.

He got the owner when she looked at the sign and the cashier saw what was happening. The owner has stopped Bainbridge from depositing money.

“She runs out and says,” No, don’t put in money, it’s a scam, it’s a scam. ” I said, “Really?” And she said, “Yes,” Bainbridge said. “And I thank God for not putting money in there.”

Law enforcement agencies never demand money online or by phone, Hooper said.

“If we need to deal with such a case, we will deal with it face-to-face. A uniformed police officer will contact you,” he said. “For fines, we do not trade over the internet or telephone.”

Hooper also said that if someone receives a suspicious call, they will need to contact the local law enforcement agency.

“If in doubt, call the local police and call the sheriff. I’ll clarify,” he said.

Law enforcement officials warn of missed jury duty scam call Source link Law enforcement officials warn of missed jury duty scam call

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