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Washington >> Law enforcement agencies today are very much around the US Capitol after officials say they have discovered a “potential conspiracy” by militia groups to re-attack the iconic building. I was wary. The warning was issued two months after Donald Trump’s supporters broke windows and doors to prevent Congress from proving the victory of current President Joe Biden.

The threat appears to be primarily related to the far-right conspiracy theory promoted by QAnon supporters, with former President Trump regaining power on March 4 and thousands trying to dismiss Democrats. Coming to Washington. March 4 was the first presidential inauguration date before being transferred to January 20, 1933.

Today, the tightly protected building showed no signs of turmoil, with Capitol police and state guards working, and a large fence around it that was set up after the January 6 riots. The Pentagon is considering a request to extend Guard deployment beyond the current expiration date of March 12 for 60 days.

According to two law enforcement officers who were not allowed to speak publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity, the online chat identified by the authorities included today’s members of the rebel militia group Three Percenters. It included a discussion of possible conspiracy against the Capitol. Members of the three parcenters were one of the militants who attacked the Capitol on January 6.

The threat arose this week after parliamentary police and other law enforcement agencies were criticized in a controversial hearing by Congress for responding to the January 6 riots. Police were unprepared for the masses of Trump supporters, some were armed with tactical equipment, and it took several hours for National Guard reinforcements to arrive. By that time, mobs had invaded the building, and they roamed the hall for hours, temporarily stalling Congress’s certification efforts and concealing lawmakers.

Parliamentarians, parliamentary officials, and law enforcement officers are still at stake after the January 6 attack, despite unprecedented levels of security around the Capitol.

The US House of Representatives finished work Wednesday night for the week, but the US Senate still voted in the evening and had a busy day scheduled for today. Police strengthened their presence in and around the Capitol. About 5,200 National Guards remain in DC, and the remaining about 26,000 were brought in for President Biden’s inauguration in January.

Michael McCaul, a former chairman of the House of Representatives Homeland Security Commission and briefed on the new threat, said the members were encouraged.

“I think there is violence here,” he said in an interview.

However, unlike January 6, the Capitol is now reinforced against intrusions. “We have a razor wire, we have a National Guard. There wasn’t January 6th, so I’m very confident in security,” he said.

Initially, online chatting did not appear to have reached the level of serious concern. A recommendation sent to Congressmen earlier this week by Deputy House Guardian Timothy Brodget said that Parliamentary police said, “There is no sign that the group will travel to Washington, DC to protest or commit violence. “.

However, the recommendation was updated in a memo to lawmakers Wednesday morning. Blodgett wrote that Parliamentary police received “new relevant information and information by the militia group indicating additional interest in the Parliament on March 4-6.”

In House’s testimony Wednesday, Deputy Police Chief of the Houses of Parliament, Yogananda Pittman, said her investigators had collected “parts of information” but were “sensitive to law enforcement” and were not disclosed to the subcommittee. He said he would provide a briefing for the house and refused to publish the details. member.

Meanwhile, federal agents said the issue did not show a significant increase in the number of hotel rooms rented in Washington, or the number of flights to the area, car rental reservations, or chartered buses. A person familiar with the matter told the Associated Press. The person was unable to publicly discuss the details of the security plan and spoke on anonymous terms.

The FBI and the Department of Homeland Security sent a joint breaking news to local law enforcement officials on Tuesday, with a group of militia militias trying to rule the Parliament on March 4, with thousands of people coming to DC to the Democratic Party. Remove members from power.

However, online activity on some social media platforms surrounding the March 4 initiative has declined significantly, with online conversations more than Trump’s recurring preparatory period until January 6. It’s already pretty low. Rallyed and encouraged thousands of people to come to the national capital.

Thousands of accounts that facilitated the January 6 event that led to the storm of the US Capitol were suspended by major tech companies such as Facebook and Twitter, and the group organized a recurring group rally. It’s much harder. ..

To date, about 300 people have been charged with federal crimes for their role in riots. Five people were killed, including a police officer in the Houses of Parliament.

Since his defeat, Trump has said elections have been stolen from him by a large number of fraudulent votes, even though such claims have been rejected by judges, Republican state officials, and Trump’s own administration. I’ve been advertising lies. He was impeached by the House of Representatives after the January 6 riots instigated by the riots, but was acquitted by the Senate.

Law enforcement on alert after plot warning at U.S. Capitol Source link Law enforcement on alert after plot warning at U.S. Capitol

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