Law enforcement sees an uptick in street racing across the metro – Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2021-05-25 00:36:45 –

Usually, when it comes to street racing penalties, drivers encounter misdemeanors, citations, and court dates.

A spokesperson for the District Attorney’s Office in Bernarillo said that prosecutors are usually not involved unless someone has died. Nonetheless, various institutions are making their own efforts, at least focusing on quoting the people involved in the race.

At the beginning of May, BCSO lawmakers said they had two enforcement periods. During those operations, they wrote over 100 citations. They also carry out targeted patrols at Tramway Boulevard, which is famous for street racing.

Meanwhile, the Albuquerque police station has stepped up night patrols near Tumble and Eubank.During the day, they increased patrols along Wyoming Watching the drivers challenge each other to race.

A A new education campaign was also launched last month. The phrase “speed breach has a name” is found on metro signs and is intended to raise awareness of the dangers of speed breach.

As of March 1, these joint efforts resulted in more than 1,472 citations for speed violations, 32 for street races, and more than 52 for exhaust gas changes.

APD officials said people would have to go to court automatically if they were quoted for a race or exhaust. The judge can then impose a fine. Speed ​​violation fines depend on the speed of the driver.

Albuquerque dragway It reminds car enthusiasts to choose safer options and continue racing on the road. The Dragway also hosts an event called the “Street to Strip” Night.

Dragway owner Robert Costa said he was trying to get APD involved in spreading the word, but it hasn’t happened yet.

“It’s a safe environment. There is an EMS on the premises. All cars undergo a safety check before getting off the racetrack. We are part of the National Hot Rod Association, a sanctions body,” he says. I did. “They have a great rulebook that says they need a certain speed, a certain time, a certain safety device. Your average tram, you come out, you have a helmet You don’t have to be, you wear your basic tram, so it’s not that big of a deal. “

New Mexico police said they were also working on an operation and carried out a joint operation with APD last month. They said they could expect people to move forward.

Law enforcement sees an uptick in street racing across the metro Source link Law enforcement sees an uptick in street racing across the metro

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