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Steve Bannon welcomed conservative lawyer, legal scholar, and law professor John Eastman on Monday. Warroom: Pandemic To explain his lawyer’s letter to Congress citing the illegitimate issue of a subpoena regarding the Commission’s hearing on January 6.

Bannon: Start with John Eastman. Does God love this guy? The great team of John Eastman, Raheem Qassam, and National Pulse has a story. I will never talk about this, as it is the Biden administration and is focused on destroying this radical regime that is proud of it brick by brick. So smoke that Democrat.

Accept to smoke. But here’s a huge story with your lawyer about something that destroys the January 6th subpoena. Can you tell me what’s happening here?

Display on screens in Denver and all platforms so people can see in live chat. John Eastman, the floor is all yours.

Eastman: I love that headline. John Eastman’s lawyer destroys the January 6 committee and its subpoena.. You see, we have to say that we have investigated and discovered this, and I like you being summoned to testify to the Commission on January 6th.

But also to create documentary communication over a period of 19 months. Everything I have written, said or told about the integrity of the election, including my contact list. So this is the most widespread intrusion into the first ame3ndent and the fourth fix I’ve ever seen.

But we also delved deeper into the legality of this committee. And Nancy Pelosi admitted that it was an unprecedented step when, at one point, he refused to have a Republican member recommended by House minority leader Kevin McCarthy.

And certainly it was. Throughout our history, parliamentary committees have been bipartisan. Each party has a nearly proportional share of the members of the committee, which reflects the overall proportional share.

And when Pelosi refused to accept McCarthy’s choice, it meant that there were no Republicans appointed to that committee by the normally adopted process. And it had very serious consequences.

First, the Commission’s approval resolution states that five out of thirteen will be appointed after consultation with minority leaders. Well, she didn’t take any of them. In other words, 0 out of 13 people. She has appointed two nominal Republicans. Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are virally anti-Trump.

However, they do not reflect the Republican Party because they were not appointed by the Republican Caucus. The reason this is important is how the Commission does its business, which must be discussed with members of the ranking minority.

And there is no one! It must give the minority members of the ranking the ability to hire counsel to be a counterpoint to questions to witnesses. is not. The defense counsel is to be given equally according to the rules of the House of Representatives and long-standing precedents.

But there is no one! And the idea that a lawyer hired by Liz Cheney appointed by Pelosi can play that hostile role is funny. So all this is just a farce. And more importantly, you will have to have people take testimony in a closed room.

And, as we saw Adam Schiff do in the impeachment of Ukraine, he selectively leaked a distorted version of what was said in a closed room in an attempt to build an untrue story. I did.

And at that time, the record was publicly corrected as it was protected by constitutional speeches and debate clauses from being held to explain what they say when others like Jim Jordan went out. I was able to do. But if a witness goes out and corrects the record, it is an insult to Congress. This is the Star Chamber, which is quite unusual.

Bannon: Can you please, Raheem wrote this article. This is a letter your lawyer sent to the committee chairman, Bennie Thompson. Did he write a detailed letter on these issues?

Eastman: Yes. In response to a subpoena request, my legal team has put together a statutory letter explaining all the reasons why I claim my privileges under Article 5 of the Constitutional Amendment.

The first half of the letter is all these procedural flaws in the whole process. These are not technical. There is a good reason for 230 years when we brought bipartisan on the committee. Here’s how to protect yourself from bipartisan witch hunting.

There are good reasons why Congress is incapable of law enforcement. Because it is politicized by definition. Still, they act as if they were prosecutors, judges, and juries.

President Thompson says that I will be in control of your own dissent, and then I will be the definitive voice about your dissent. It’s not the way our judiciary is supposed to work. Still, that’s what they’re doing here. So we decided to call them on it to find out what was really happening.

Bannon: The story of Raheem has just come out. When did your team send this letter to President Thompson?

Eastman: It was sent to President Thompson yesterday afternoon. And it was copied to minority leader Kevin McCarthy because it was rejected and it was his choice to the committee that caused this problem. He also copied it to all five members of the committee nominated by McCarthy but rejected by Pelosi.

Bannon: fine. And we now have letters on all platforms. And we have a wonderful story of Raheem. Raheem, great work, great analysis.on NS National pulse, We have it everywhere. On social media, how do people keep track of you and follow your thoughts and sentences about all of this?

Eastman: Dr. John Eastman of GETTR.But if people visit, it really helps To support the Legal Defense Fund to cover legal fees here.

And what’s happening here is that they’re trying to target everyone who dared to question the false media story that there was nothing wrong with the last election. .. If we are still trying to control the direction of government, we must oppose it.

Bannon: all right. Can you give that Give Send Go again? Can you give it to me? I want to make sure it’s in every chat room and everywhere. what is that?

Eastman: By the way, I highly recommend the site. A great crowdsourcing site for religious conservatives. But it also allows people to send prayers if they want to do it as well. And we find it very informative and encouraging.

Bannon: You always need prayer, right? Thank you very much, John. Thank you for your participation.Thanks to Raheem Qassam and the team National pulse..

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Law Professor John Eastman on Steve Bannon’s War Room Explains Why Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee is Not Legitimate Source link Law Professor John Eastman on Steve Bannon’s War Room Explains Why Pelosi’s January 6 Select Committee is Not Legitimate

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