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Lawmakers demand BLM oversight after wild horses die – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2022-06-22 09:07:50 –

Colorado Springs — A group of US parliamentarians is requesting a surveillance hearing to investigate the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and donkey programs.

This move was triggered by the deaths of 145 wild horses at the BLM facility in Canon City. It began with a typically preventable equine influenza outbreak that killed nine horses.

Since then, investigators have discovered that the facility is not in compliance with 13 policies, including failure to vaccinate horses.

In March, Governor Jared Polis called for the cancellation of the wild horse Roundup scheduled for this summer, but BLM proceeded with the roundup.n Piceance-East Douglas Herd Management Area, anyway, quote The horse is in poor condition and the range is in poor condition.

“Given the outbreak at the Canon City facility, I have serious doubts about whether or should the Roundup proposed by Piceance Basin proceed as planned or should continue,” he said at the time. Governor Police said. “Horse health and well-being should be the basis of the proposed activity, and placing the horse in a confined environment susceptible to the development of the disease does not seem to serve its purpose.”

Recently, lawmakers said they believed that surveillance hearings would help BLM take responsibility for the treatment of animals.

BLM states that reducing horse populations in certain areas helps to balance the environment and prevent overgrazing of native grasslands.

“Ultimately, they will consume the local ecosystem completely,” BLM Communications Director Steven Holl told FOX21 News.

Lawmakers demand BLM oversight after wild horses die Source link Lawmakers demand BLM oversight after wild horses die

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