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Nashville, Tennessee (WKRN) —The federal government has sent $ 350 billion to state and local governments. Funding from the American Rescue Plan gives states like Tennessee broad discretion in how they spend their money.

The US Treasury said the dollar aims to meet the needs of those most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The American Rescue Plan has sent $ 3.7 billion to Tennessee to cover four areas:

  • Responding to the reduction of the covid-19 epidemic.
  • Replace lost revenue.
  • Support for homes and businesses.
  • Systematic public health and addressing economic challenges.

Governor Bill Lee, who decides how to spend his money, did not answer the question in News 2 on financing when asked earlier today.

“I’m not interviewing here,” said Governor Lee, who often appears at photo session events.

At an event later that day, Lee didn’t specifically outline how he wanted to see the dollars spent.

“There are many initiatives we are looking for regarding how federal funds will be used,” said Governor Lee.

House Democratic Caucus leader Vincent Dixie says Governor Lee doesn’t want to spend that money to help the Tennessees who were hit hardest in the pandemic.

“The administration seems to be thriving by hoarding cash in case a rainy day rushes out,” Dixie said.

He says it’s time to reach out and let Governor Lee know how the money should be spent.

“This is what we want to help. We want help with childcare costs. We want teachers and first responders to get better wages. We need it and we want it. We want to have access to medical care to make it more accessible, said Rep. Dixie.

But Republican senator Mark Pody says the economy is recovering again and part of the solution is to get people back to work.

“You use a scalpel to help people in need, but you need a solution, not just throwing money and thinking that you’ll solve the problem,” said Senator Podi.

Senator Podi added that this money is a temporary solution and people should not be trapped in short-lived cash.

“I’m a little dissatisfied with all the money the federal government is actually sending across the state. We need a time to repay that money. Unfortunately, it’s our children and ours. “Grandchildren,” said Senator Podi.

The money could also be used for infrastructure projects, but it cannot be used to offset tax cuts.

Some Democrats have stated that a special session needs to be held. This allows lawmakers to express their opinions and respond to their needs during normal legislative sessions.

Governor Bill Lee’s office said there were no plans for a special session.

“The Governor has formed a bipartisan financial stimulus group to ensure the transparency and proper management of the Federal Relief Fund. This group continues to support the Tennessee economy and has recently been approved by Congress. We are confident that we will effectively manage the additional $ 3.8 billion. “

Governor Lee’s office added that all information regarding the handling of the Federal Relief Fund is publicly available online. click here.

Lawmakers divided on how to allocate $3.7 billion in state aid for Tennessee Source link Lawmakers divided on how to allocate $3.7 billion in state aid for Tennessee

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