Lawmakers to withhold business stimulus in non-compliant counties – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2020-12-02 00:30:45 –

Denver (KDVR) —State legislatures are considering stimulus measures for small businesses that require counties to implement state health restrictions to qualify for relief.

The bipartisan bill was passed almost unanimously in the Senate, but it is still criticized by some Republicans. Anyway, the $ 37 million SME bailout seems to be the fastest way to become a law in Colorado.

If passed and signed by the Governor, county companies that do not enforce state health orders will not enjoy part of the stimulus pie.

“If the county does not comply with COVID restrictions, they are not closed … and they are open, still in operation and not eligible for this fund,” said Colorado’s eighth representative. Denver’s Leslie Herrod State Legislature said. House district.

Democratic Herod is upholding the bill in the House of Representatives after the bipartisan passage in the Senate.

“We wanted to target [the legislation] To companies that were actually affected by public health orders. “th Senate district.

The only Senator who voted against the bill was Republican Senator Jerry Sonnenberg in the eastern plains.

“Let’s [the bill] Is a hammer … hammers the rural areas of the state, “said Sonnenberg, who represented Colorado’s first Senate district.

He argued that the bill, as it is, would not fairly distribute the necessary relief.

“There are some counties that are not fully compliant,” Sonnenberg said. “I don’t know what full compliance really means.”

Compliance issues are found in almost every county in Colorado, but some counties, such as Weld County, are directly opposed to Governor Jared Polis’ orders.

“You can’t even take your cake and eat it,” Herod said.

Mr Winter said there was hope for companies in cities that were following their obligations, even if the counties weren’t.

“These citations can be applied for this money individually or collectively,” Winter explained.

State money is sent to counties and cities and distributed to qualified companies.

The bill’s sponsors said $ 37 million was just the beginning. They see the bill as a gap countermeasure until the next federal stimulus package comes into effect. The bill, which began in the Senate, was deliberated in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Lawmakers to withhold business stimulus in non-compliant counties Source link Lawmakers to withhold business stimulus in non-compliant counties

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