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Lawmakers urge alcohol commissioner to help businesses – New Orleans CityBusiness – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2020-12-04 10:43:51 –

A Louisiana State Legislature Oversight Committee on Wednesday asks the state’s top alcohol regulators to come up with ideas to help him regulate businesses struggling to survive under COVID-19 restrictions. I put pressure on it.

Ernest Legier Jr., Commissioner of the Alcohol and Tobacco Administration, said he would work with companies to help them comply, but said his office was following Governor John Bel Edwards’ instructions. Emphasized.

“Your department needs to come up with some ideas and bring them to the governor,” said Stuart Bishop, Chairman of Houseways and Means. “We need to make plans to save these businesses.”

Legier said 51 licenses to provide more than 11,000 alcohol in the state were suspended due to an urgent rule in March aimed at controlling the spread of COVID-19. .. He said those businesses were “villains” with repeated violations. The permission has not been revoked.

“Our goal is not to be out of control,” he said. “We are not going to be punitive.”

Johnny Blancer, CEO of Rock’n’Bowl, says it currently makes more sense to close it than to keep it open. His business offers bowling, live music, food and drinks under one roof. He said his facility circulates indoor air more often than the hospital requires and should be allowed to resume concerts.

Proponents of the brewery argued that tap rooms should not be regulated like bars. The bar currently needs to be closed to indoor on-premises services in most parishes. People come to the tap room to sample beer and take it home, but not to the party, they said.

The proceedings to revoke some or all of the previous COVID-19 restrictions have not been successful. Plaintiffs have primarily objected to imposing restrictions on the governor’s constitutional powers.

Congressman Barry Ivy said these business owners may have alternative legal means. Government agencies usually follow a specific process in developing rules for enforcing the law, he said.

Ivey argued that a similar process was needed to create rules for executing the governor’s emergency orders, and that process was not followed. Legier said the government did not believe that the management process Ivey mentioned had been applied.

“I don’t care how good the intention is,” Ivy said. “We have to obey the law.”

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Lawmakers urge alcohol commissioner to help businesses – New Orleans CityBusiness Source link Lawmakers urge alcohol commissioner to help businesses – New Orleans CityBusiness

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