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Laurie Bembenek enrolled in the Milwaukee Police Academy in March 1980 at the age of 21 and graduated sixth in class. She was fired by the department later in August.

In January 1981, Benbenek married a 33-year-old Milwaukee police detective, Elfred Schultz Jr. Early on May 28, 1981, 30-year-old Christine Schulz (Elfred’s ex-wife) was detained, bagged, and shot once. Behind by a single .38 caliber pistol in the range of point blanks in her home.

Ballistic testing at the State Criminology Institute revealed that the weapon used was Schultz Jr.’s off-duty revolver. The suspicion moved to Benbenek, as he was working at the time of her death. Benbenek was alone in the apartment she shared with Schultz and had access to both the gun and the keys to Christine’s house.

Benbenek was arrested and the district attorney charged her with first-class murder. She was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment. She escaped from prison, fled to Canada, and eventually returned to the United States, where she filed a second murder.

In 1992 her sentence was commuted to imprisonment. Benbenek became a celebrity by appearing as a guest presenter at the 1993 WAMI Awards Show.

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How do you remember Raleigh Benbenek? A team of journalists is working on a long-form project to investigate the life and story of Raleigh Benbenek. This project explores Raleigh’s life leading up to her infamous murder and the impact it has had on Milwaukee.

The team reporting this story wants to hear from you. Do you have a lasting memory of the Benbenek case? Did you know the people involved? Did you work for the Milwaukee Police Department? Did you attend a rally to help her escape from Taichida? Do you have a strong theory of what actually happened?

Call them: + 1414-301-2683. Please leave a message with your name, contact information and a brief summary of what you want to share. The team will call you back and ask for more details. Be sure to leave your contact information (phone number and email address).

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