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Lawsuit against Sapphire Gentleman’s Club alleges forced prostitution – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2022-06-29 14:14:07 –

Las Vegas (KTNV) —A lawsuit has been filed against the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club and its owners on behalf of several former club dancers for “sexual harassment, forced prostitution, sexual trafficking, and other malicious acts.” I did.

The proceedings are against 17 of its owners and partners, including the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in New York and the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas.

In a class action case, the defendant stated that he created and maintained a toxic work environment and illegal retaliation after forcing sapphire dancers to have sexual intercourse with patrons. In addition to sexual trafficking, the proceedings allege that the defendants tolerated sexual assault, physical assault, illegal drug use and underage drinking, and took a different view.

“Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, its owners and organizers, are all part of a prostitution and kickback program to force dancers to sexually engage with patrons or face retaliation for failing to comply with their demands. It was a department, “said Jon Norinsberg, a partner at Joseph & Norinsberg LLC. One of the lawyers representing a former sapphire dancer.

Plaintiff’s co-adviser, Joseph & Norlinsburg LLC.

The complaint alleges that the prostitution ring created by the defendant all triggered a series of illegal acts in the name of profit.

Plaintiffs say the club’s host will act as a prostitute to force girls into prostitution.

Frequent customer and co-defendant Matt Gates said he knew that the club was prostituted. It has been going on since the beginning of time. “

The new and young dancers reportedly were groomed by the host and forced into prostitution when they entered the private room. According to the complaint, these hosts illegally forced dancers to engage in prostitution or make less money. Dancers who refused to participate in prostitution said they saw their income drop from about $ 2,000 to hundreds of dollars overnight.

In addition, lawyers allege that the club has committed wage breaches by classifying workers as independent contractors and implementing pay-to-play policies, kickback schemes, and tip theft.

They say that the defendant created and perpetuated a work culture in which the violent behavior of the customer was actually tolerated, so that the defendant always maximized profits, regardless of law, regardless of law. I sent a message that it is the only agenda item for sapphire. Defendant’s dancer, or basic human dignity.

Despite numerous complaints from multiple dancers, the proceedings allege that no corrective action was taken by Sapphire’s management.

Plaintiffs receive $ 10 million in prizes for all non-monetary and / or compensatory damages related to mental, physical, and professional trauma, and punitive damages to prevent future villains. Asking for $ 15 million.

The proceedings are centered around allegations at Sapphire’s New York Club, but the proceedings are against the entire company. A lawyer representing New York dancers also “wants to reach out to other dancers across the country who may have been victims of working in the club,” 13 Action News said.

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