Lawsuit over Houston Methodist COVID vaccine mandate dismissed – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2021-06-13 07:34:06 –

The judge said vaccination was neither part of a clinical trial nor experimental.

Houston — Saturday Federal Judge Employees of Houston Methodist Hospital Then sue the hospital COVID-19 vaccine Requirements.

The proceedings require employees to be vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine, forcing them to participate in clinical trials.

“We have taken the position that it should not be rejected for a variety of reasons. We believe it is illegal to force individuals to participate in vaccine trials,” Woodfill said. ..

However, the hospital says the vaccine has proven to be very safe through rigorous testing. They say that protecting patients is an employee’s sacred duty.

On Friday, a judge appeared on the side of the Houston Methodists, saying that getting the vaccine was a company policy and was like having to show up to work on time.

The judge also said that vaccination was not like being part of the vaccine. It is neither a clinical trial nor an experiment.

Employee lawyers who refused to be vaccinated support their belief that Methodist mandates are illegal and say they are ready to file a proceeding in the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. ..

Employees will be suspended this week and will be dismissed if they do not comply.

“This is the first of a long battle,” said lawyer Jared Woodfill. “Many battles will be fought. Not only in this court, but also in courts throughout the state. There are battles in the High Court, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Texas Supreme Court, and even the US Supreme Court. , This is just one battle in a large-scale war. If you do, it’s the first round. “

The lawyer also said he would soon file another proceeding at the state level.

Nurse Jennifer Bridges says it would be disappointing if the case was dismissed. But they are not ready to give up.

“If that happens, we’ll keep picking it up as long as we need it, and eventually we’ll get there and people will listen to what we say,” he said.

KHOU 11 contacted Houston Methodists about their reaction to the hearing on Friday. They said they would wait for the judge’s final decision before further commenting.

Lawsuit over Houston Methodist COVID vaccine mandate dismissed Source link Lawsuit over Houston Methodist COVID vaccine mandate dismissed

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