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LBCC Announces New Partnership Path – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2022-05-16 18:11:49 –

LBCC has announced a new forwarding partnership with Arizona State University. (File photo)

Long Beach City College has announced a new partnership with one of the top 10 universities across the country for undergraduate education.

This program is designed to help LBCC students keep track of their transfer progress and minimize the risk of progress.

With over 130 majors, Arizona State University is open to LBCC students interested in attending in the future.

Students can experience general admission guaranteed by the major of their choice as long as they meet the requirements for a bachelor’s degree.

This route was created to help students save money and time and ensure that they are taking the courses they need to transfer.

“MyPath2ASU” is a platform that allows students to navigate the direct and online routes offered by ASU.

We are currently one of the few universities in the area that has a road with ASU.

“They’ve wanted to follow this path with us for the past year. Things have been reversed because of the pandemic, but because we understand our direction in relation to the university. , They contacted us and once again see if we can complete the route, “said Ruben Page, forwarding coordinator and counselor.

They are looking for a bachelor’s degree, 2.5 GPA, 24 or more transferable units, and a high school diploma to ensure admission.

“I think this is a great option. It offers a wide variety of pipelines. Community colleges usually have pipelines or transfer contracts and are usually likely to be California schools. Therefore, it is possible to establish something with ASU while the LA campus is ASU. It is beneficial for students. ” Chardanay Crowder, now a former ASU counselor at LBCC, said.

ASU also has a local campus here in downtown Los Angeles, where students can have a hybrid experience.

ASL Local Campus has a success coach where you can attend resources and workshops.

Since the route is now official, there is an information workshop held in the summer for students interested in transferring to ASU.

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