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LBCC professors oppose mandatory vaccines – Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California 2021-10-13 15:31:58 –

The LBCC Board of Directors will vote for the resolution today at 5:30 pm. This will require vaccines for students returning to campus in the upcoming spring semester. (File photo)

The board voted for a resolution today at 5:30 pm, requiring professors and students to attend classes directly from the spring semester on the COVID-19 vaccine, and professors have already begun to disagree.

“What if fascists like Trump come back in 2024 and they oblige something? Who will stand up to them?” Asked LBCC associate professor Annahita Mahdavi, who opposes the next resolution. Asked.

If passed, the resolution will come into effect on February 7, 2022 for students at the beginning of the Spring Semester of the LBCC. If not vaccinated, students will be excluded from attending campus and will be marked absent without excuse.

Originally from Iran, Mahadabi recalls her own life experience claiming to have lived under tyranny as part of a regime that began with a mission claiming to be for the well-being of others.

Mahadabi said: Forty years later, it is fascism and the duty is the law of the land. ”

In a letter to the board, Mahadabi emphasized that he did not oppose vaccination and claimed that he was fully vaccinated against COVID-19. She said she hated conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters who disseminated false information about journalism.

Mahadabi is an individual supporter of autonomy in his body when it comes to medical procedures. “My body, my choice is not the wrong idealism that brings to this picture. If you intend to inject (to me) and know exactly what to do with vaccination or not, There are other options, “she said.

LBCC’s current face-to-face instruction policy is that students must be tested weekly if they are not fully vaccinated and wearing masks while on campus.

Mahadabi emphasizes how successful distance learning was for her own class enrollment and argues that online teaching should have been part of the resolution. However, it should be noted that the resolution does not mention the abolition of online teaching as a student option.

“There’s more we can do. I’m not saying they (unvaccinated students) should be able to go to campus, but they can continue to test and continue their online classes,” Mahdavi said. Mr. says.

Mahdavi said: “Why do you require online teachers to vaccinate? Many professors will lose their jobs by spring and many will graduate from Long Beach City College.”

Assistant Professor Nick Carbanaro shared similar concerns about the obligation of vaccines to students, saying: It doesn’t clearly define what it is. “

He continued, “The way I read it is that even students who are 100% online must be vaccinated.”

Concerns about future student enrollment, along with all the changes that have taken place since the pandemic began, by Carbanaro on how this mission could affect student success and the outlook for LBCC’s future employment. Equally stated.

Carbanaro said: Unfortunately, what they don’t consider is that Long Beach has a strong contingency that doesn’t believe it, not quitting work, going to school, or going to another university that allows online learning. It means that there is. ”

Carbonaro said helping students who share concerns about this mission and becoming more proactive will ensure that their voices can be heard at a higher level.

Emails sent to LBCCFA (Long Beach City College Faculty Association) prior to publication could not be returned due to urgent notice.

Click this link to view the board meeting. https://www.youtube.com/c/LongBeachCityCollege1/live

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