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LBCC students do not know what the president is doing. This is why they should. – Long Beach, California

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Students are often unaware of who the president is, as well as the impact of their position on school affairs. Given that roles have a direct impact on financial and academic resources, this unconsciousness can be responsible for the success of student organizations.

On September 7, 2021, the LBCC Board officially launched a national search for the Permanent President.The search comes immediately after the scandal that contains Dismissal of former President Reagan Lomari in March 2020 on suspicion of misconduct and misuse of public resources.

However, despite the widespread coverage of the shooting scandal, many students are unaware that it has ever happened.

LBCC English majors Logan Stepropoulos and Kathleen Vento say they have never heard of Reagan Romani or scandals. Similarly, they have little or no knowledge of who the newly appointed interim supervisor, Dr. Mike Munoz.

“I think I get emails from time to time [Dr. Muñoz]”Vent said. “But I really don’t know what he is doing or who he is.”

Dr. Munoz was appointed by the Board on behalf of the Chair only in March of this year, but students like Vent and Stepros still do not know what the Chair or Board is doing.

According to the official job description, “The president is the chief executive officer of the school district and the university itself.” That means:

  • Report to the Board and do everything to “evaluate, plan, organize, and evaluate district resources, programs, and services to meet the educational needs of students and communities.”
  • “Representing the district in community groups, businesses and industries, labor organizations, public school districts, and the Prime Minister’s residence of California Community College”, other public and private educational institutions such as the University of California, City, County, and California State Council.

This explanation seems overwhelming, and maybe it is This is because, in essence, it means that the President has a great say in which departments and programs to fund and the use of campus resources.

They also determine how the LBCC has relationships with local communities, organizations, and California legislators. And the overwhelming number of students know nothing.

This is partly because the pandemic has reduced the number of students studying exclusively online and widened the gap between students and campus-related information. This can be especially true for campus politics, where many students pay less attention.

in the meantime Student activism and American political involvement have steadily increased since the 1960s. Many students on university campuses across the country do not bother to access information about decisions made by the school government unless they belong to a particular organization.In fact, research by experts in educational administration Since 1999 Students’ unions have shown to be more influential than individual students.

The problem is that many students are unaware of program budgets, student services, facility usage, curriculum planning, and even decisions that directly affect campus policies regarding university accreditation. I have.

A good example of this is the 2013 Board of Directors meeting. Vote for LBCC Trade Program Reduction Reducing programs and refusing to certify transactions such as welding also angered Long Beach students and graduates who felt they denied the opportunity for a working-class community to thrive financially.

The program was later Rebooted in 2019 The focus was on aerospace, which relies heavily on industry partnerships, but the message was very clear. The President and the Board of Directors have the power to kill and restart the entire program and build professional connections with students. The LBCC will be used to start their career.

In a city like Long Beach, Data USAThe pre-pandemic poverty rate is high at 16.8%, and reduction programs that may provide or expand career opportunities are in the socio-economic class. Higher education..

In the post-pandemic world, community colleges like the LBCC are more important than ever, providing more accessible resources for financially struggling students. Ensuring that the resources of those universities continue to benefit the community involves ensuring that students are known and protected in their interests.

With the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic in mind, LBCC students should pay close attention to the ongoing investigation of the new supervisor.They need to know the existence of Search committee, Watch the broadcast interview, check in the board schedule, and Participate in trustee meetings via live stream.

LBCC is usually a school where students have been enrolled for about two years, but Loy Nashua, Vice President of Human Resources, agrees that the selection of the next director will be relevant to the body of all current and future students.

“I know that change will take time,” said Nashua. “But some things are easy to implement so that even today’s students can enjoy the benefits right away.”

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