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LCMC Health Providing $7M in Relief Funds to Employees – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-09-20 16:44:32 –

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New Orleans – LCMC Health leaders have created an employee support fund for those affected by Hurricane Ida.

This assistance, called “Operation HOME”, is provided through two separate components. Initially, employees with losses of $ 1,500 or higher below the manager level will receive $ 500 (for full-time employees) and $ 250 (for part-timers) to assist in recovery and reconstruction. Eligible for immediate financial support. storm.

“Our employees are at the heart of our organization because they have taken care of our patients, our communities, and each other during the storm,” sa

d LCMC Health CEO Greg Feirn. “LCMC Health responds quickly, provides essentials such as water, petrol, and housing, and finances to help our amazing and unique people respond, recover, and rebuild from the effects of Hurricane Ida. Provided support. “

To date, more than 3,375 of LCMC Health’s 12,000 employees have been assisted and are currently worth $ 2 million. The system expects to provide approximately $ 4.3 million in this early stage.

One such team member who immediately benefited from the Operations Home is Lynette Hamilton, a longtime Mailroom employee at Turo. Hurricane Aida caused serious damage to her home and prevented her from returning to the city without a place to stay. LCMC Health provided temporary housing to local hotels and otherwise provided relief.

“My experience from the moment I called in the talent was very good and kind,” Hamilton said. “I was very relieved and couldn’t ask for better support.”

LCMC Health is also developing a $ 2.5 million fund to provide additional financial support to employees who have suffered catastrophic losses from the storm, calling on businesses and individuals to support their efforts. .. The management of this fund is managed and managed by the Greater New Orleans Foundation (GNOF). The fund will provide team members up to $ 5,000 to help recover and rebuild from a catastrophic storm.

Andi Kopplin, President and CEO of GNOF, said: “These are true healthcare heroes who have cared for our community and community, especially during a pandemic. It is humble to play a small role in their recovery.”

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LCMC Health Providing $7M in Relief Funds to Employees Source link LCMC Health Providing $7M in Relief Funds to Employees

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