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Santa Fe, New Mexico (KRQE) – At a press conference Wednesday, Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza is still in the early stages of an investigation to comment on a possible prosecution, but a live lead projectile was recovered from Joel Sousa’s shoulder. Said it was done. It was fired from a set of “rust” prop guns. Sheriff Mendoza said it was up to the coroner to determine if it was the same live round that killed cinematographer Harina Hutchins.

In addition to actor Alec Baldwin, who fired the prop gun, sheriffs identified armorer Hannah Reed Gutierrez and assistant director David Halls as the people who handled and inspected the gun before firing. All three have issued statements and have cooperated with the authorities’ investigation.

The Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office has collected about 600 pieces of evidence through a search warrant. This includes 3 firearms, about 500 rounds of ammunition, and some clothing and accessories. The 500 rounds were a combination of blanks, dummy rounds, and suspicious live rounds.

“We believe we own a firearm fired by Mr. Baldwin. This is a firearm we believe fired a bullet. Also, a used shell casing fired from the gun. I believe there is. The actual lead projectile that was launched was recovered from Mr. Soza’s shoulder, “said Sheriff Mendoza.

The Sheriff’s Office also believes that it has recovered additional possible live rounds from the set. The gun fired by Baldwin was reported to be an F.LLI Pietta Long Colt revolver containing other ammunition. The other two firearms recovered from the set were a single-action Army .45 revolver and a non-functional plastic revolver, which were thought to have been modified so that the cylinders did not work.

All evidence items will be submitted to the FBI Institute of Criminology in Quantico, Virginia for analysis. Ballistic analysis determines the exact details of the lead projectile recovered from Souza’s shoulder and whether the recovered round was officially “live.”

To elaborate on the projectile recovered from Sousa’s shoulder, Sheriff Mendoza said: .. Sousa. “

“As far as we are concerned, we know that there was one live round in the set. We will determine if there were other live rounds, but that depends on the test. Now we have them I’m going to decide how I got there and why they were there, because they shouldn’t have been there, “Mendoza said.

According to Santa Fe County District Attorney Mary Carmack Altweez, no one has been ruled out of potential charges. However, the district attorney will not talk about possible prosecution or who to apply for until a more thorough investigation is conducted.

SCSO is investigating allegations that individuals were shooting firearms for target training on ranch grounds. If you have any of these claims or information about the release of firearms from the film set, please contact the sheriff’s office.

Authorities are also following up on previous accusations of negligence against other movie sets. If you have information about safety issues or previous incidents, please call the Sheriff’s Office in Santa Fe County (505-986-2490).

Lead projectile recovered from injured ‘Rust’ director, authorities say Source link Lead projectile recovered from injured ‘Rust’ director, authorities say

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