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AURORA — “Aurora is back!”

It was the words of Colin Harrell, who lives in the town of Aurora, at a conference announcing the development of a new industrial park on the border of the town on Thursday night. Aurora Mayor Cliff Williams announced at the conference. This was also a kick-off for recruitment activities for a new town group called the Aurora Leadership Council.

“This is the result of seven years of foundation work,” Williams told an audience of more than 80 people. “The new day is the dawn for all of us.”

The conference held at the Aurora Community Center on Thursday night was so crowded that the organizers almost ran out of chairs to sit on. Williams told an audience of people of all ages, representing various businesses, civil society, religious groups and educational institutions, that work on the 26-acre site will soon begin.

Williams added that the site includes the Beaufort Community College satellite campus, a new building in Nutrien (one of the town’s major employers next to the PCS hostate), and other business buildings. rice field. He emphasized that contracts with other unidentified companies are under negotiation.

The Thursday night meeting was livestreamed through the town’s Facebook page. Kurt Ryan, a member of ALC, told the audience that Live Stream is part of an effort to meet the CDC’s recommendations for the COVID-19 pandemic. He added that Live Stream marked the town’s Facebook page as active for the first time in three years and linked the announcement to discussions about the need for broadband internet in the town.

In his remarks, Ryan outlined the strategic plans that ALC (all volunteer groups) would use to build support for industrial parks and towns. The plan aims to build support by focusing on items such as Aurora’s economic and educational development, projects and the role of local and regional governance in towns.

In addition, the plan provides a timeline of strategies and steps that ALC must take to make the plan successful. According to this information, the “final state” of the plan is 2035. More information on the plan and how to become a member of ALC is available online at https://www.auroralife.us/alc.

Aurora resident Allen Paul explained that it was intentional to link Thursday’s ALC recruitment kick-off with the announcement of industrial park development. He said ALC would work directly with town officials and residents, as well as residents of Richland Township, to support industrial parks and raise awareness of the town and its future.

Paul added that including the residents of Richland Township is important for the support they have shown to Aurora over the years. According to Paul, the town has already received a $ 450,000 “soft loan” from Beaufort County to fund the construction of the industrial park. He explained that a “soft loan” allows an organization or individual to repay money, if circumstances permit.

Williams expanded Paul’s statement, stating that the town received approximately $ 1.2 million in grants for the project from the North Carolina Department of Commerce and the Golden Leaf Foundation.

Williams talks about the importance of the industrial park in the future of the town, saying: With facilities and employees in this industrial park, we estimate that our town’s income will increase from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 annually. The town’s budget is close to $ 500,000, which is very important. “

Harrell, who said he lived in Aurora for the rest of his life, wanted the industrial park project to be successful.

“This announcement makes a lot of sense to me,” he said. “There’s only a small old gas station here. You need a grocery store. To get groceries right away, you’ll have to drive to places like Washington and New Bern. With this industrial site Having new jobs and people could attract grocery stores to the town, which would mean more jobs and people. Everyone goes to Greenville for work. People here There’s nothing to keep in mind. They’re going somewhere right now. “

Aurora Commissioner Jeff Peed repeated Harrell’s emotions.

“This project is the number one important for job availability,” he said. “Over the years, many of my colleagues have moved in for college or work. There really wasn’t anything here that would make them want to stay here.”

Mr. Peed added: “Efforts to revitalize the city of Aurora have been made, but they haven’t worked. This latest effort is the best I’ve seen in about 30 years. It’s actually Because of the external support from counties, states, and industries. This really means there is an opportunity. That is all we want from Aurora and it is an opportunity to grow a little. “

Leaders, residents discuss ‘rebirth of Aurora’ – Washington Daily News Source link Leaders, residents discuss ‘rebirth of Aurora’ – Washington Daily News

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