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Leandra Medine Cohen Launches Collaborative Capsules with Closed

American fashion writer Leandra Medine Cohen-probably man 2010 Repeller Blog – Partnered with hamburger-based ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories brands Closed Create a 6-piece capsule collection for the fall of 2021.

Leandra Medine Cohen led the Man Repeller blog from 2010 to 2020-Instagram: @leandramcohen

Aiming to combine Medin Kohen’s witty eclectic styling with a closed contemporary edge, the collection is a set of casual wardrobe essentials that can be combined to create a variety of different looks. Aims to provide.

The capsule comes with a jacket, khaki pants, jeans, a shirt, a cardigan and a balaclava. The fabrics used include double-sided wool, recycled cashmere, organic cotton Moleskin, organic cotton and wool, with glass beads, pearl buttons and black velvet for decoration and detail.

The collection jacket is a combination of double-sided navy wool and recycled cashmere, featuring a box-shaped cropped silhouette, black velvet details and metallic buttons. According to Closed, it has a high-waisted straight leg cut and is ideal for wearing with capsule khaki pants in organic cotton Moleskin.

Jeans also have a high waist and straight legs, boasting five pockets and a zippered fly. Like jeans, the shirt is made of Italian eco-denim and features pearl buttons and two chest pockets.

Finally, both the cardigan and balaclava are made of burgundy wool, the former with a round neckline and cropped wrist, and the latter can also be worn as a hooded decky.

Each piece in the collection has a message from Medeen Cohen on the care label: “Buy a pink tulip. Love, Leandra” and “Call your loved one. Love, Leandra.” The price of the piece ranges from $ 215 to $ 640.

A portion of the sales of the collection will be donated to WINNYC, a non-profit organization that works to provide safe housing and important services to homeless women and their children.

The Closed x Leandra Medine Cohen capsule will be available in October 2021 and will be available for purchase on the Closed e-commerce platform and some Closed retail stores.

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Leandra Medine Cohen Launches Collaborative Capsules with Closed

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