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Learning is Full Steam Ahead: free summer program for students in the Pikes Peak Region – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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Colorado Springs — Thanks to the unique summer program, learning is at its best for students in the Pikes Peak area. It’s all about finding sparks that inspire each student through immersive learning and group activities.

FullSTEAMA head is held every summer Colorado Springs School.. The free two-week program is offered to approximately 50 new students in grades 7, 8, and 9.

Small groups explore technology, arts and science, and offer unique ways to learn more about the community through thematic field trips and experiences.

Full STEAM Ahead teaches students that the school takes place outside the classroom.

“We really got to work in a team environment, and it didn’t feel like a school. It felt like we were deliberately learning different concepts,” said FullSTEAMAhead at Peak Education Intern this summer. Said Gisselle Zamora, mentor of the school.

Robot construction and programming, dance therapy, and sheep brain dissection are just a few of the immersive activities that junior high school students participate in each summer.

“In a traditional school, it’s a very fast pace, and in this school you’ll be built on yourself and people will see you grow,” Gabriel Weber said. .. “I wasn’t very sociable before. But by participating in the program, I was able to grow into that aspect of myself. Meet lots of new mentors and make lots of great connections. I was able to do it. ”

The Full STEAM Ahead program attracts students in a special way.

“Many students relate learning only to school, and it’s difficult to dig deep into their intellectual curiosity. However, this program involves going out to the community, working with other students, and so on. It really helps to see the program from different perspectives, “says Zamora.

This program attracts students from 12 schools through a partnership with Peak education.. Free options want to fill the gap in educational opportunities for children coming from low-income backgrounds.

“They intend to dissect the sheep’s brain. They return to the Brain Lab at Colorado College to actually see and hold the human brain. Next, at the level of innovation and discovery that raises eighth grade. , They build their own robots and program them, “says Amy Miller, Program Director at FullSTEAMAhead.

“They are pondering the problem I need to solve. Will this work? If not, I can quickly adjust it to create a better design. It started with robotics. Next, we added brain science and psychology, “said Anne Taylor of Peak Education Mentoring & College Success Coordinator.

Ann Taylor started this program in 2012 after being inspired by a similar program.

“I’ve been teaching for 28 years and I think this is the most important thing in my career. It’s that programs like this have inspired me to become a teacher and spend my life teaching. That’s one factor, “says Taylor.

This immersive learning style helps students find their sparks.

“Children can see sparks fly, discovering a variety of concepts they’ve never thought of, digging into all sorts of topics, such as the brain, robotics, and design thinking. It’s very rewarding to see the impact bloom, “Miller said.

Some students were very inspired by their time in the program, they come back as high school mentors to help guide junior high school students through it.

Small groups also help students regain connections and relationships with students throughout the community.

“I wasn’t very sociable before, but by participating in the program I was able to grow into that aspect of myself. I met many new mentors and many great connections. Was able to build, “Weber said.

Full STEAM Ahead helps students understand how bright their future is.

“This program really helped to raise interest in the business, so I worked with various Colorado Springs companies, both for-profit and non-profit, to build connections with the Colorado Springs community. I want to, “says Samora.

“I feel that this program has allowed me to expand myself, like my interests, what I really want to pursue, and dental hygiene. It’s like helping people smile at me.” Weber said.

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