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Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-11-24 19:44:15 –

Tulsa, Oklahoma — The River Parks Authority warns the general public that it is illegal to remove plants and trees from city parks.

This is after saying they found a couple doing it exactly on the Turkish mountain.

Turkey Mountain is a popular place to enjoy the outdoors and walking trails.

But the River Parks Authority says it’s not the place to get what you want, such as trees and bushes.

“The park-controlled city ordinance is almost rule number one. Title 26 and section 102 say don’t take plants out of the park. How important is that?” Ryan Howell of the River Parks Authority. Said.

Howell says he recently found a couple removing trees and saplings for the garden of the house, and they were unaware that it was illegal.

“Because this is a place for everyone, everything here is for everyone to enjoy. If you take it home and enjoy it personally, it’s not fair to everyone else. “

Even something like a pine cone, whether it’s on the ground or in a tree, is illegal to take.

“These pine cones have seeds inside, and those seeds help feed wildlife. Therefore, removing these seeds from Turkey Mountain literally removes wildlife food from here. “Howell said.

The city ordinance covers all public parks and all plants from seedlings to seeds and branches.

Howells says it may be possible to bring plants there with the permission of the owner of the private land, but eventually find the type of plant you like in the park and buy it at your local nursery. I suggest you do.

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Leave public park plants alone or receive a citation Source link Leave public park plants alone or receive a citation

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