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Leaving a job you had somewhere you’ve never lived? Take the train to say goodbye. – Colorado Springs, Colorado

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This spring I had the opportunity to write for Colorado Sun. But I’m surprised! I don’t live in Colorado.

I’ve been reporting as an intern from my home in Evanston, Illinois, but it will be possible for me to do something I didn’t know before the coronavirus pandemic changed my life. Instead of working directly in the press, I had to work from a distance, but it was as if I lived there.

Also, I have only been to Colorado twice. First time: Family trip 10 years ago. Second: Last month’s Memorial Day weekend.

On that second visit, I chose an overnight trip to Amtrak’s California Zephyr instead of flying and took the rails.

My roommate and I wanted to go on a year-end trip to celebrate our undergraduate graduation. And, far away, frankly, it ended the sometimes strange end of the school year. Once fully vaccinated, I set a date and made a plan.

When I started the report, I had a worthwhile experience of just over a month in the sun under my belt. Hospitality industry In Colorado, I learned how cheap hotel rates are. And in April, when she happened to visit her family in Illinois, she was only able to meet one of her colleagues, Erica Breunlin. So my trip meant that I had the opportunity to meet at least a few people with whom I worked closely.

Growing up, I spent the summer seeing my mother’s family in China, the home of the high-speed rail system that set my standards. But I wasn’t familiar with Amtrak. We started our journey at Union Station in Chicago, a high-ceilinged hall dotted with several passengers in the main complex. However, the gate was over capacity and many passengers were waiting for the train to arrive.

When the gate opened, many people moved to the platform. We got on the train, went up the stairs and went up the stairs and found a coach’s seat. I had enough footsteps compared to what I found on the plane. After that, I started the 18-hour ride.

Things started slowly. We were over an hour late. After that, our train jumped out of the station onto the open rails. We left Chicago that Thursday afternoon and passed through a place that felt more like a cornfield than a grain of sand on Earth. Not to mention the time to relax and unwind on the plane, such a view would not have been provided to us.

I actually got the chance to read for fun and jumped into my book.Making of the President in 1972.. “My friend said,”Lovely bones.. ”

We arrived at Denver Union Station on Friday morning and were finally able to experience first-hand some of what I reported about this semester.

For one thing Maskman dating has almost been liftedI noticed that I was visiting places such as the Denver Zoo and the Denver Botanical Gardens.When I finally drank coffee Dana Cofffield And Jesse Paul On Sunday, the place refused to accept cash. New bill passed by the legislature Governor Jared Polis has signed the law.And the weather confirmed that weekend May was definitely a rainy monthLater that day, when I flew around a thrift shop in Denver’s Baker district, it rained after us.

As soon as it started, the weekend was over and our train returned home on Sunday night.

Why did you arrive at Colorado Sun in the first place?

My job was part of Northwestern University Journalism training program.. Schools partner with paper, magazines, production companies and marketing companies across the country to provide hands-on professional experience. As the name implies, my colleagues and I go out to all kinds of publications and workplaces under normal circumstances.

This year was nothing else. Many of us stayed at home and learned to navigate our work without meeting anyone in person.

It was the luck I was doing in the sun.

I forgot to take a picture with Dana and Jesse during my stay in Denver, but I did have some good memories. I learned how to be a better reporter by working with staff, even from a distance. When I went to Colorado, I found that you live in a wonderful state. I’m gaining new experience and heading further west towards Reno, Nevada. So I would like to report on Nevada Independent. There are 11 more stations in California Zephyr.

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Leaving a job you had somewhere you’ve never lived? Take the train to say goodbye. Source link Leaving a job you had somewhere you’ve never lived? Take the train to say goodbye.

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