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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-09-28 14:06:36 –

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Cleveland (WJW) —Aklon-born LeBron James admits he grew up as a fan of the Dallas Cowboys.

In his one defense, Cleveland Browns It didn’t exist for a few years as his childhood, and hey, the cowboys of the 1990s were good. It was obviously easy to become a fan.

The Lakers now want to set a straight record, as the Browns are 2-1 this season, hoping for another berth in the playoffs in the air. Going to the Manning Brothers ESPN “Manning Cast” on Monday night, he revealed where his loyalty was.

“I’m a local. I’m a Browns fan.” James reportedly told Eli and Peyton When the Cowboys took on the Philadelphia Eagles during Monday Night Football. “I grew up as a cowboy fan and I’m with Browns. I think I’ll be a really good player this year. I’m excited.”

James tweeted about Browns in some of the games this season, but immediately when his opponent is doing a good job (eg) Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes) — Perhaps above all, James is a fan of athletes.

In Monday Night Football’s “Manning Cast,” high school football star Lebron also unleashed a court from two NFL teams in 2011.

Browns challenges Minnesota Vikings at 1:00 pm on Sunday

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