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Cleveland, Ohio 2021-05-04 19:56:18 –

Los Angeles (WJW) — Akron himself Lebron James Following a shooting involving teen police in Columbus, he received a lot of backlash against his now-deleted tweet. Maki BryantThe Los Angeles Police Department has recently asked the NBA to investigate the situation (see video above).

But now James is trying to take the conversation in a new direction. I visited Twitter again yesterday and said that the story had to be about a teenage girl, not his tweet.

In a new post, James linked to Vox article about Brian There is a lot of “victim blaming” in this situation, as it is reported that a 16-year-old woman was wielding a knife rather than a complete victim.

People would say, “It’s really sad that the whole scenario happened, but if she didn’t have the knife …”. It’s “but”, qualifying, a warning. Treva Lindsey, a professor of African-American women’s history at Ohio State University, said: Said That outlet.

Brian was shot four times by Columbus police officer Nicholas Riadon.

The basketball player’s tweet included a statement “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY” and a photo of the police officer involved in the shooting.

The shooting case is under investigation.

James also posted on Twitter yesterday:

LeBron responds to Columbus police shooting: Source link LeBron responds to Columbus police shooting:

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