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Riverside, California 2021-07-25 23:47:10 –

The US men’s basketball team has won 25 consecutive games and the United States won the first women’s taekwondo gold medal.

Washington — The second day of the postponed Tokyo Olympics competition took place on Sunday.The Olympics are being held under strict restrictions, one year behind due to the coronavirus pandemic

Here’s a breakdown of the top events you might have missed:

Ledecky denies gold medal in 400m freestyle showdown

Australia’s Ariarne Tittoms defeated American Katie Ledecky in the 400-meter freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics. Titmus won one of the most anticipated races in the game and won the gold medal in the second fastest time in history.

Titmuss, who dragged almost the whole body at the midpoint of the eight-lap race, turned on the speed of first touching the wall at 3:56.69 seconds.

Olympic champion and world record holder Katie Ledecky won the silver medal this time at 3: 57.36. This is the fourth fastest time ever.

No one else was nearby. Bronze went to Li Bingjie in China at 4: 01.08.

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The United States Behind ROC After Women’s Gymnastics Qualifying

The US women’s gymnastics team has made a good start in aiming for the third consecutive Olympic title.

In qualifying, a group of four women, known as the Russian team, led by current champion Simone Biles, finished second only to ROC. This is the first time Americans have failed to lead at the end of a major event of more than a decade. Biles outperformed the all-round with a total of 57.731 points, but lacked her normal accuracy.

The women’s team final is Tuesday.

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First US Gold in Women’s Taekwondo

Anastasija Zolotic defeated Russian athlete Tatiana Kudashin (25-17) to win the first US gold medal in women’s taekwondo to win a featherweight title.

Eighteen-year-old Zorotic put out Primal Scream when he put on his helmet before each round. Originally from Largo, Florida, she has told her friends and family from an early age that she will be the Olympic champion. She was able to do that with just one trip to the Olympics.

U.S. basketball loses Olympic streak

The 25-game Olympic streak of the American men’s basketball team ended on Sunday when France finished the game with a 16-2 run to defeat the Americans 83-76 at the Tokyo Games.

The Americans were defeated for the sixth time in 144 games at the Olympics, and NBA players were on the roster at the Olympics, dropping to 53-4. The 2004 Athens Olympic team lost the other three and won the bronze medal. All other US teams in the era that began with the “Dream Team” in 1992 won gold medals, which is still possible, but far from certain.

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“Team Slaze” beach volleyball Olympic debut

Kelly Claes, 25 and Sarah Sponcil, 24, are the youngest team to represent the United States in beach volleyball and won their debut game on the third day. The pair, also known as “Team Slashes,” won the first and third sets. Latvia.

The first set was 21-13 and the Latvian team won 21-16 in the second set, while Claes and Sponcil led 15-11 in the third set.

Three of the four players in the U.S. victory over Latvia NCAA Beach Volleyball Program started in 2012.. Cress and Latvian Tina Graudina both went to Southern California, and Sponsil played for rival UCLA.

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Ledecky wins silver, US women’s gymnasts behind Russian athletes Source link Ledecky wins silver, US women’s gymnasts behind Russian athletes

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